What Media Sales Jobs Are Online Right Now?


This article will bring some interesting media sales jobs to your attention. They may not be exactly what you are looking for, but you never know they could point you in the right direction. You might discover an area of media sales that you hadn’t previously considered or been made aware of. So take a look at the jobs below and remember to keep an open mind!

Online Sales Executive

This job would be suitable for someone who is interested in online media and has some solid sales experience. It is located in Hertfordshire and has a good basic salary.

Senior Sales Professional

If you want to apply for this position then you must have worked in the media industry for a fair amount of time. You will also have to be able to demonstrate your sales skills and have a brilliant sales track record.

Magazine Advertising Sales

If you have a passion for the magazine industry then maybe this job could be right for you. If you really want to work in the magazine industry and don’t have much experience then you might want to consider applying for a more junior role initially.

PPC Sales

This is a really interesting role that has come as a result of the rise of Google and other search engines. If you enjoy working in the digital sphere and have worked on pay per click projects then you will have a good chance of getting this role.

Television Sales

This is a very popular part of the media sales arena and many people enjoy the excitement of selling television advertising space.

Hopefully some of the roles outlined above are different to what you find when looking for sales jobs in the media industry. It certainly requires a high level of skill and determination to become a good salesperson and once you have reached this level you should be awarded with an interesting job.

The best way to find the perfect job is to do enough research before you start searching online. Think about your media sales experience and decide which area you want to specialise in. The internet has provided lots of new opportunities in media sales and you should make the most of the choice available.