Paid Freelance Writing – 6 Things Every Writer Should Know!


If writers know one thing to be true, it is that decently paid freelance writing opportunities are hard to find. Even if you can whip off an article in 5-10 minutes, you won’t get rich on $1.00 an article. How can you really make a decent living with paid freelance writing? What you are about to find are 6 things that every writer should know if they want to “make it big”.

  1. Write well. If you have a strong portfolio, you will be much more likely to attract the attention of “employers” when you apply for higher paid freelance writing opportunities.
  2. Market yourself. It is WELL WORTH the effort or money spent to create an attractive website highlighting your best work. You are selling a service – and the more attractive and professional the service is, the better!
  3. Don’t fall for job offers from websites that are not legit. Do your homework. You will not be happy to discover that a particular website for whom you worked all week has suddenly disappeared, won’t respond to your emails, or simply does not pay you.
  4. Remember that time is money. Surfing the internet for paid freelance writing jobs, for research, or for those “high paying” hidden gems, can be the biggest waste of your time!
  5. There are many different kinds of writing jobs. Often writers only think about articles, novels and non-fiction as writing that pays, but there are MANY other writing jobs advertised online. Food-writing, short-stories, copy-writing, technical writing… just to name a few.
  6. Write what you know. The BEST jobs for you to bid on or accept are on topics about which you already know a lot of information.

Freelance writing jobs are excellent for the part-time worker, or for full-time writers. It can be both lucrative and exciting, but only IF you can find the highly paid freelance writing gigs. And unfortunately, this is tough to do!

Most of what “amateurs writers” tend to find when searching for writing jobs online is so low-paying that it doesn’t seem worth the effort. Why not give yourself a break and learn from an expert writer about how to really make the money roll in?