Jobs – Myths About Job Search


People have a lot of misconceptions and myths about job search. This happens due to superfluous knowledge about something. People know half of the things from several sources or by word of mouth and they tend to assume the rest of it. So, as a result of this, people tend to have a lot of myths about job search. This article will discuss some of the myths that exist in people’s mind.

• Myth: people tend to believe that several job opportunities will come their way if they register at too many internet job boards.

This myth is not true. If you register everywhere on the net employers will not queue up to recruit you. You can also obtain interview calls by looking up magazines and newspapers. Lots of advertisements related to jobs appear on newspapers and trade magazines.

• Myth: candidates who are seeking jobs are looked down upon by employers if they change jobs often.

A person who hops from one job to another is considered as fickle minded. During interviews, employers will question you regarding why you shifted from one particular company to another. But if you can give them logical explanations of the act then there is no problem. Even they understand that your ultimate long term goal is to progress in your career, become successful, earn money and improve your skills and also learn new skills. It is foolish to stick around in a particular place for years and years when you can get better opportunities somewhere else. In that case there is no problem if you change your job for a better opportunity. However, try and avoid really short terms of working, like less than a year.

• Myth: a cover letter is not important while you are applying for jobs.

A cover letter is included at the beginning of your resume. It is a very important piece of writing and recruiters go through the cover letter in great detail. Only if the authorities explicitly mention that it does not have to be included, only then can you skip the cover letter, otherwise not. A cover letter communicates to the employer what are you exactly looking for and how qualified you are for the post.

• Myth: you are sure to get an interview call when you have sent your resume and your cover letter.

The real picture is different. Companies receive hundreds of applications every day. Not all of them are read with great importance. So you cannot sit quietly after you are done sending your application. You need to follow them also. If you think you are suitable for the vacant post in some company, call them up after you have sent your application. Do not hesitate. Job search is not an easy thing. You can also request for an interview when you are confident about your capabilities. Even if you are under qualified, still request for one. You never know, you may end up grabbing the job.