How to Keep Your Job


With jobs disappearing at a very rapid pace, many employees are wondering, How do I keep my job? Here are some tips for holding on to the job that you have.

Align yourself with the direction of the company. Having worked in outplacement for a number of years, I have found that it is not necessarily the unproductive workers who are most vulnerable to layoffs and downsizing, but rather those who are not in sync with the vision of management for the company. Pay attention to what is said in company meetings (and even what is not said.) This kind of information can help you determine where management is trying to take the company.

Show your contribution to the bottom line. Even if you are not in sales, you should still be able to articulate how the work that you do is valuable to the company. As far as possible you should be able to quantify how much money you saved, what time-saving measures you instituted, and how you improved processes. Management tends to cut those positions that do not have a direct relationship to the bottom line.

If possible, find an internal champion who can speak knowledgeably about your contributions. A mentor is the best person to serve in this capacity. If you have a mentor who is well placed in the organization, this person is in an excellent position to speak up for you

Cross train so that you can backfill a position if necessary. In an era of cutbacks you make yourself more valuable if you are flexible and can do more than one job.

Keep your skills up to date in your current position and let your boss know about any new certifications or licenses that you have obtained. Staying abreast of what is current in your field positions you well as a valuable employee, and it also makes you marketable just in case your job is eliminated in spite of your best efforts.