Go Freelance With These In-Demand Jobs For New Freelancers


When it comes to freelancing, there are a lot of different outlets to consider, regardless if you have specific experience or training in a field. Today, at-home mothers, fresh college graduates, and high school students are finding freelancing opportunities that do not require one to leave the comforts of their home. When you wish to explore the fresh job possibilities that are only a mouse-click away – consider the following hot job suggestions for budding freelancers:

1) Freelance Writer

Possessing the talent of writing is a valuable skill to utilize when it comes to freelancing. Today, businesses and webmasters are searching for good writers to pen their marketing content, website text, newsletters, and emails. Magazines and newspapers are also looking for submissions to fill their pages with relevant material, which is usually solicited across the Internet.

2) Graphic Designer

Since one of the best marketing presences on the Internet is seen through a website, graphic designers and web designers are in high demand to tweak both personal and business sites.

3) Virtual Assistant

Today, an increasing amount of small businesses are outsourcing their work to virtual assistants, who are able to save them a great deal of money on office supplies and equipment. The absence of hefty benefit packages alone gives businesses a bit of breathing room. A virtual assistant should possess the most current version of Microsoft Office and show a basic understanding of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.

4) Online Jurist

Today, more lawyers are turning towards the Internet to gain information and insight on potential cases or legal matters they have already undertaken. At-home workers looking for a job may become a research tool, as they participate in focus groups that aid lawyers in preparation for their cases. Some e-jurors are able to make $10 to $60, depending on the length of a particular e-trial.

5) Virtual Customer Service

Depending on your experience, you can make a living selling products and services from your home. On the average, freelancers make between $8 and $15 on an hourly basis with a workweek that stretches a minimum of 20 hours. When scheduling is flexible, some workers can squeeze in 40 to 60 hours of work.

6) Party Planner or Wedding Consultant

If organization and planning is your forte, you may have a lucrative future in party planning or lending a hand as a consultant for a wedding. Some freelancers have arranged businesses providing clown services, while others have become an expert at setting up birthday parties for children. Another profitable approach is to become a whiz at pinpointing wedding options for couples on a budget.

7) Online Tech Support

Knowing your way around a computer is quite helpful since people are constantly looking for an experienced individual for answering their questions regarding information technology. Usually, this type of work involves tech support that takes place via phone or through chatrooms and emails.

8) Home-Typing Service

Some people dread typing out their lengthy term papers or creating the perfect resume or cover letter. An at-home typing service allows you to provide convenient services to people who truly don’t want to become boggled with this time-consuming task.

9) Transcriptionist

In the legal and medical world, there is always a need for someone to transcribe audio to text. Possessing an excellent handle of the English language and top-notch grammar skills allows one to gain employment with individuals looking for the conversion of speeches, radio programs, interviews, and lectures.

10) Researcher

Whether an author is looking for background information for their next book or a college student requires a deeper understanding for their term paper – research is a tedious task that many would love to pay another to complete.