Gain Muscle Mass


One of the key secrets of gaining muscles is by ensuring that you get stronger. By becoming stronger it will be possible to lift more weight and thus increase the amount of muscles. This is particularly the case if you happen to be a natural and drug-free lifter. When you get more muscles, you will be in a position to achieve more muscles.

When you get into any gym, you will come across lots of guys who are doing the body-part routines. These usually train 5 to 6 times in a week, each muscle in a day. They also try to use at least 10 isolation exercises for every workout to ensure that the muscles are hit from each angles. Most guys think that the reason why they build muscles is because of engaging in body part split routines. This misconception is as a result of what they read in the muscle magazines. Others do it because that’s how they saw a dude in the gym training and therefore expect to get similar results when they use the same method.

However, it is important to realize that you will never build muscles using split routines. And even if you do, it is just because you are genetically blessed. There are some dudes who were muscular and ripped before they could even touch any weight. Another reason why some guys will get ripped without struggle even when using split routines is that they use steroid drugs. There are many lifters who use drugs but only a few of them are usually very honest about the use.

A common mistake that most guys do is to have the wrong priorities. They do not have enough mass that they can work with. In the same breath, it is possible for split routines to work if you haven’t taken the time to build their muscle mass. And this will require you to begin by getting strong. As a lifter who is not using drugs and you have some lousy genetics, you will be left with no option that to lift more weight. You will have to lift more than what you were lifting a year ago or even one month ago. Failure to do this will mean that you aren’t building muscles. It will not matter how sore or pumped that you look.

It is possible to dumbbell using a ball that weighs 30lb in each of our hand until your face turns blue. However, another guy who is able to bench up to 250lb will have a chest that is bigger. The reason for this is simply because he is lifting heavy. In other words, the more the strength, the more the muscles that you will have. For other tips on how to build muscle mass fast, you should contact Muscle Prodigy.