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Ezine is the word to know for the day. Intended to be an abbreviation for “electronic   magazine “, it refers to online sites containing essays and articles to be distributed through email or just posted on a website to a list of subscribed customers. It is an online  magazine . EzineArticles that appear on the World Wide Web is properly referred to as a webzine, although the latter may also refer to all online  magazines . Other names like cyberzine and hyperzine also refer to all online  magazines . However, if the websites represents a printed  magazine  it is most usually referred to as ” Online” (i.e., Elle Online, People Online).

Because they concentrate on a certain topic or field of expertise, EzineArticles have become a great source of information for just about any topic under the sun. From big topics such as finance, business, and even politics, articles also deal with everyday well-loved subjects of health and fitness, travel and leisure, and recreation and sports. There are even ezines which do movies, books, and product reviews. And the best part about all of this is that you can access them for free. Well, maybe not all, but there are a bunch of free sites spread over the net that serve as ezine publishers and at the same time provide free articles for other ezine publishers.

Aside from being a good source on just about any topic, ezine also has access to a wide range of audience and thus it is a good way to promote anything-business, personality, and product. As long as you can make your articles informative and pleasing, you can advertise them all. Now this is really good, especially for small and medium size businesses and for those who are just starting out in the business arena. You can compete with the big boys and not really spend a whole lot of cash on various promotional and advertising expenses.

Ezine is also a good way to promote yourself in the market, particularly for those in the freelance and consultation business. You can build your credibility through your articles, by making them interesting, informative and easy to read. Professionals and experts on all fields publish articles on topics related to their field and through it they demonstrate their knowledge and experience and subsequently make themselves saleable for potential job-offers and clients.

If you have written an article but don’t have a lot of time to do a lot more to come up with an ezine, you can still avail of the benefits cited above by submitting your article to an ezine publisher or to article directories. Since writing a bunch of articles on a certain topic periodically alone can be a really tiresome job in the long run, some ezine publishers welcome articles from a variety of writers or go to article directories to get some to fill in the space in their ezines.

Article directories are depositories for articles on different topics wherein net users can access them either for reading or for use (in their ezines). They basically store articles together with all millions of other articles submitted by other writers and separate them by category and make them accessible for the entire world to see. Some of the really famous ezine articles directories include,, and, which provide the service for free.