Do You Really Love Your Job?


When you are too long in the same workplace, you may have lost your passion for your job. Here are some symptoms which show that you don’t love your job anymore. You may start complaining about your workload. You may even start to “hate’ your employer. There are many things you don’t like about your company, such as company policies, medical benefits, remuneration package, working environment, etc. You may not agree with me. But let’s read on.

Many people say that they love their jobs, but sometimes they don’t show it. They don’t show their commitment and they don’t take accountability. For those fresh graduates, at the initial stage, they could not do enough for their jobs. They might strive hard to achieve their employers’ expectations. However, when they have reached certain level, they start to take their jobs for granted. They just treat their jobs as a “vehicle” for them to generate income.

In common, most of the working adults go through this process. When they were courting their jobs, they talked all things nice about what they were doing and they promised their commitment to it. However, when the duration is too long, they have nothing but they keep complaining about their jobs. They even threaten their bosses to leave their jobs! Some of them make resignation as a tool to request for salary increment.

They don’t realize that their jobs can work wonders. They don’t know that their jobs can change their entire life. In fact, their jobs provide great satisfaction in their life but they are not aware of it. May be when their jobs have gone, then only they will start appreciating their work. They have forgotten that their jobs are responsible for the food on their table, the clothes they wear and for the welfare of their home sweet home.

Having positive mindset from time to time is important no matter how many years you are in the workplace. Even we are from different industries and different lines, we need to cherish our jobs. We get paid by our employers every month for our services. Hence, we need to provide the best to our organizations. Our contribution is essential in assisting the organizations to achieve great success. In return, we are rewarded. We gain financial stability.

I hope you will always remember this statement. “Take good care of your job and it will take good care of you”.