Cool Tips to Manifest a Cool Job


5 Tips To Get A New Job

I keep hearing a lot from my clients who are looking for work or bored with what they have. Here are some ideas to manifest a dream career.

1. Sit down and really think about what you do naturally that is also fun to do. If you are a wiz with computers and understand social media. Weave together a lifestyle that allows you to share your savvy with others who need those skills. I really feel there is something for everyone. We have to look with creative eyes to find it and also be in vibrational harmony with it. In other words when the Universe opens a door for you, walk through it.

2. Make a habit of day dreaming your ideal career or job at least 2 times a day. Morning and Night. That is right, it is good to spend some time day dreaming. It is a powerful launching platform. Kind of like streaming an ad on the internet of the Universal Mind. Has a huge reach!

3. When you are dreaming of your ideal situation, see if you can get all of your senses into the scene. Can you smell the room or environment? Can you hear people talking? Can you feel the desk or work area? If you can get all of your senses in you can create more momentum for the dream to happen.

4. Start a dream board some where that is private. You can use card board, or plain old paper. Tape pictures or elements of your vision on the board. Get some   magazines  out and cut images that thrill you. If you are dreaming about opening up your own car dealership. Use images that would tie in. Like awesome cars, bold shapes for displays, sales men and women, car models, signage, your dream logo, your name on the dealership, contracts, even financial spread sheets with a lot of sales on them. What would your business cards look like? It is good to be bold and outrageous here.

Any thing that might fit in. If you see your self as a successful career woman, tape up a cool desk, some nice suits, a great car to drive to work, dollars signs for some money energy. If you see your self as a veterinarian then imagine what you would be wearing, driving, eating for lunch etc…If you don’t feel like doing a big visual board, do one in a notebook that is more private. Look at it often and add to it often. You can also keep any representatives that you find in a box.

5. Affirmations-Speak it often as if you have it. The universe and more importantly your self is always listening to what you speak. So make it count. For instance when someone asks about the job search. Instead of saying the economy is bad, no one is hiring. Say I am getting more opportunities and ideas all the time. Saying it that way tells the Universe that you are willing to be responsible and are in vibrational harmony with opportunity. Bite your lip before you utter negative statements at this time. It gets you no where fast!

In this case if you can’t say something with forward motion keep your mouth closed until you can. Use high energy words and thoughts to create a new place for your self in this economy.