Conducting A Targeted Job Search


A well-defined career objective is essential to have in life as it helps you to select a good career pathway. Once you decide upon your career goals, you can identify a job type that corresponds to your goals as well as to your capacity and interest in a particular field of work.

Many times, defining one’s goals can seriously narrow down the job search and may leave out great job opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, it is important to be flexible while making a selection in your career. Try to be open to working in more than a single environment. Some of the ways to get prospective employers is to conduct a targeted job search campaign.

You can contact the following places to find prospective employers within your target range:

o Industry associations: A number of associations keep profiles of many corporate members or directories of members. These profiles can help you find prospects. In order to find out about an association, you can check out the Encyclopedia of Associations by Gale Research, Inc.

o Trade publications: Trade publications can also be a good resource for you to use in order to learn relevant information about prospective employers. You can contact trade publications online or borrow the latest copies from industry peers. Reading trade publications will help you know more about major employers in this field.

o Business publications: In order to search jobs in the business field, it is important to keep updated with at least one business journal like The Wall Street Journal. To add to your knowledge, you can learn even more with some monthly business   magazines . They usually contain information about upcoming mergers, latest technologies, newest products, and market trends. Your search can greatly benefit by you knowing which areas of business to opt for in order to pursue your career.

o Public library: If you are looking for your target employer as a mid-sized or larger employer, the public library is one of the best ways to search for a job. You can ask for some of the reference libraries like Chamber of Commerce and Standard. A number of small businesses form part of a local Chamber of Commerce, so chances are likely that you may find some small businesses through this medium.

o Mailing lists of Corporations by Industry: Several companies specialize in producing complete mailing lists of companies that are categorized by industry. However, the lists could be outdated, so you need to check in order to be certain that it is still current before posting your resume.

o Career fairs: Career fairs also prove to be beneficial to fresh college graduates and entry-level employees. This is one of the best opportunities for gathering information, making contacts, and finding interviews for jobs.

o Online job boards: Searching for jobs on various online job boards can also prove to be helpful. You can directly search for jobs as well as apply via different online job boards.

Looking for a job can be stressful, but if you know where to look, you can land a job that is both lucrative and enjoyable. By using the resources above, you will be well on your way!