Advice From Capcom On How To Become A Video Game Tester


How do you get involved in the gaming industry without knowledge of programming, 3D modelling or anything concerning the production of computers? Fortunately, a group of consultants at WonderCon provided gamers with tips on how to enter the gaming industry.

Many gamers forget that there are more jobs in the industry than just being a video game tester or a programmer or art designer. marketing, product development, human resources and advertising are just a few of the many departments within the video game industry that are seeking qualified applicants.

WonderCon consultants proclaimed the most important traits to get a job in the gaming industry include working free of charge, participating in art and design competitions, and sending out a TON of resumes. Francis Mao, senior director of Creative Services and Events for Capcom spoke about his personal success story.

A former law school drop-out, he had used his communication, English and art skills to find a career in the gaming industry. He had participated in a contest by Gamepro   magazine  for a cash reward. Afterwards, he had received a phone call from the  magazine  asking him to do a number of art  jobs  based on commission. After a few months, he would start reviewing computer games.

Mao’s success emphasizes the importance of having gaming consultants to guide you through the world of the gaming industry. Usually, game developers and publishers use contests to hire talented individuals. Artists are certainly welcome to participate in contests and showcase their portfolio and resume. He stressed making connections and letting people know of your presence.

Another story is with Alex Jones, the producer of Devil May Cry” for Capcom. He said that he had sent his resume to every video game  magazine  within a 50-mile radius before Ubisoft finally hired him as a game tester. Don’t just send out a resume to your favorite gaming company and then give up! Persistence is key. The group consultants also stressed the importance of landing an internship, working for nothing, making connections, seeking advice, being polite, and always sending out resumes.

As a final important note, never describe yourself as “avid gamer” on your resume. Otherwise, companies will think of you as just another fan and won’t take your resume seriously. The gaming industry is still young and companies are on constant look out for talented individuals in various fields. That being said, give it a shot, you might just make it in!