What Compassion Means


Compassion is something that I’ve been pondering about lately. On the web, there are many definitions, and in the Buddhist sense, compassion is when we notice and empathise with someone who is in distress and strive to lessen his pain. As I grow older, I have come to realise that this is a quality that people have in varying degrees, and I would certainly be a better person if I could behave in a more compassionate way towards others. Perhaps if I could cultivate more of this quality, it would help atone in part for my youthful mistakes, for when I was younger, I could be unkind, judgmental and downright mean on occasion.

So what does compassion mean to me today?

Compassion to me is…

1. Holding my tongue when someone says something mean and I have the urge to hurt her back with personal insults. This requires maturity and understanding that most of the time, it’s about the other person, not me. I remind myself that the person is probably having a tough time and is transferring her rage outwards. In these instances, I’d bite my tongue because if I had lashed out, I would have felt bad afterward, in addition to already feeling awful about the mean remark. Better just to have one person upset than two.

2. Helping someone to see the bright side of things when they are feeling miserable. Most of us are working adults and are already struggling to have work-life balance. It takes effort, empathy and genuine concern for someone to take the time to listen and offer a different perspective.

3. Saying a kind word to someone who needs it, even when they don’t verbalise their need. Many times, people cannot find support when in distress, or maybe don’t even realise that they are in need of encouragement. As a friend/colleague/family member, I try to take the effort to notice when someone is feeling down. Sometimes, just a kind word can lift their mood tremendously. While I might not be able to provide solutions to their problems per se, what I can do for them is to show support and concern, which makes them feel less alone.

4. Showing gratitude to people who are, in their own eyes, just doing their job. This also means respecting others, even when the balance of power is tipped in my favour.

5. Making someone feel like their work is worth something. All of us want to know that our hard work is appreciated. In my job, I work with a design and copywriting firm for our corporate magazine, and when I get praise from the management, I take the effort to let them know that their work is appreciated. This goes a long way towards fostering stronger relationships and motivating them to do even better. I have also found that because of the appreciation and respect shown, they are more willing to go the extra mile, such as accommodating last minute changes.

6. Not pushing someone beyond what they are capable of. There’s a fine line between pushing them to excel, to go further than what they think they can do, versus making them question their own competency and in the process, damage their self-esteem.

7. Allowing others to open up at their own pace. In the early stages of trying to forge a friendship, I do more than my fair share of talking if I sense that the other person is uncomfortable revealing his thoughts. I let them share if they want to, and prod a little to show interest when appropriate, but try never to force them to reveal more than what is comfortable for them.

8. Allowing myself to be vulnerable to people whom I don’t know that well, including colleagues. This requires a great leap of faith, because doing this means that there is a risk that the other party would think I’m weak or use the information to her advantage in the workplace.

9. Having a forgiving spirit. I try not to judge others harshly for their mistakes or perceived shortcomings. This has another benefit – in being less judgmental of others, I have learnt to be kind to myself too.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. All of us will have our own definitions of what being compassionate means, and the first step is simply to pay attention to what others are feeling, and the rest will follow naturally.


The Value and Need of the Nursing Industry


The position of nursing is one that is highly regarding in the medical community. Nurses are the first contact for many patients looking for health care both immediate and preventative medicine. Our quality of life would not be where it is today without the nursing industry. Nurses are in more places than hospitals and doctor’s offices. They hold positions at our schools in the community, laboratories; they are midwives, and outsourced healthcare professionals for our elderly or disabled. Without the vocation of nursing, there would be many people who would have their needs neglected. There are different levels to a nursing career. Nursing can entail hands-on work or an administrative position. You will have to examine which direction you want to take and what interests you personally. This will be your career, not just a job, make sure you are in the position that suits you. Once you have successfully completed your nursing courses, you will be eager to get into the field and helping people as soon as you can. It is satisfying to know that your training and abilities are well regarded and are in demand around the world. With the niche of nursing, you have many opportunities to choose where you would like to put your talent to good use. Finding your perfect nursing job should not be hard for you to do. There are many local job banks that post available positions at local medical centers and hospitals. These job banks are a great source of information to apply if you would like to stay close to where you have trained and where you have established yourself already. You can also check your local paper or medical   magazine  for any recent postings. Job fairs will occasionally have representatives from the medical community to showcase their environments and attract potential nurses for positions. This option is a good way to meet someone face to face and get a feel for the organization before you make a final decision on where you would like to apply yourself. Many people would like to take their careers outside of their present home. Searching in other cities or even countries is an exciting way to begin your career. Using the Internet is a productive course to follow when you cannot get personal access to local resources in a different city or country. Anywhere there are people; there is a need for nurses. There is no limit to the places that you can apply for jobs when you have completed your nursing accreditation. No matter where you want to start your employment, be sure that you do research and are confident that your skills are put to good use. You would not be settled and satisfied as a medical office assistant if you really want to work with sick children. Your life is just beginning as a nurse and you are entitled to an important tradesperson designation. Keeping positive during your employment search will keep your spirits high and in no time at all, you will find the perfect position that you are looking for as a quality health care provider.


Go Freelance With These In-Demand Jobs For New Freelancers


When it comes to freelancing, there are a lot of different outlets to consider, regardless if you have specific experience or training in a field. Today, at-home mothers, fresh college graduates, and high school students are finding freelancing opportunities that do not require one to leave the comforts of their home. When you wish to explore the fresh job possibilities that are only a mouse-click away – consider the following hot job suggestions for budding freelancers:

1) Freelance Writer

Possessing the talent of writing is a valuable skill to utilize when it comes to freelancing. Today, businesses and webmasters are searching for good writers to pen their marketing content, website text, newsletters, and emails. Magazines and newspapers are also looking for submissions to fill their pages with relevant material, which is usually solicited across the Internet.

2) Graphic Designer

Since one of the best marketing presences on the Internet is seen through a website, graphic designers and web designers are in high demand to tweak both personal and business sites.

3) Virtual Assistant

Today, an increasing amount of small businesses are outsourcing their work to virtual assistants, who are able to save them a great deal of money on office supplies and equipment. The absence of hefty benefit packages alone gives businesses a bit of breathing room. A virtual assistant should possess the most current version of Microsoft Office and show a basic understanding of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.

4) Online Jurist

Today, more lawyers are turning towards the Internet to gain information and insight on potential cases or legal matters they have already undertaken. At-home workers looking for a job may become a research tool, as they participate in focus groups that aid lawyers in preparation for their cases. Some e-jurors are able to make $10 to $60, depending on the length of a particular e-trial.

5) Virtual Customer Service

Depending on your experience, you can make a living selling products and services from your home. On the average, freelancers make between $8 and $15 on an hourly basis with a workweek that stretches a minimum of 20 hours. When scheduling is flexible, some workers can squeeze in 40 to 60 hours of work.

6) Party Planner or Wedding Consultant

If organization and planning is your forte, you may have a lucrative future in party planning or lending a hand as a consultant for a wedding. Some freelancers have arranged businesses providing clown services, while others have become an expert at setting up birthday parties for children. Another profitable approach is to become a whiz at pinpointing wedding options for couples on a budget.

7) Online Tech Support

Knowing your way around a computer is quite helpful since people are constantly looking for an experienced individual for answering their questions regarding information technology. Usually, this type of work involves tech support that takes place via phone or through chatrooms and emails.

8) Home-Typing Service

Some people dread typing out their lengthy term papers or creating the perfect resume or cover letter. An at-home typing service allows you to provide convenient services to people who truly don’t want to become boggled with this time-consuming task.

9) Transcriptionist

In the legal and medical world, there is always a need for someone to transcribe audio to text. Possessing an excellent handle of the English language and top-notch grammar skills allows one to gain employment with individuals looking for the conversion of speeches, radio programs, interviews, and lectures.

10) Researcher

Whether an author is looking for background information for their next book or a college student requires a deeper understanding for their term paper – research is a tedious task that many would love to pay another to complete.


The Top Two Best Online Jobs


What are the best online jobs you can find? Well, there are actually several viable and practical careers online, but this article will focus on two of the best online jobs you can enter into.

According to research these two online jobs are the most popular and because of their earning potential. Many have already tried these business opportunities and are now in a good financial condition.

These two online jobs require nothing but your talents and skills. Of course, this should be coupled with discipline, patience, time and effort. Without these values, no business of any kind will prosper.

Now you may ask – What are these two top paying online jobs?

1.) E-book Publishing . The reason why this is a very practical business is because of the need and demand for more and more information by consumers. Information is an important aspect of everyday life. Each day, in almost every endeavor, we need information – fast and immediate facts.

How does one get immediate information? It is through e-books which offer assistance and guidance. When you look for immediate help, you do not want to experience having to go to a library.

You might be wondering how you can write a book. The first thing that you have to do is to, of course, search for a topic. In choosing a topic, you must pick something you are passionate about. In this way, your writing will be more heartfelt and meaningful. You will also be able to write faster.

After choosing your topic, it is time to start writing your draft. Your draft will contain everything you know about your topic. Whatever you have researched and read about your topic should be reflected in your draft. After you have written the bulk of it, try to rest and relax. If possible, pause first. Do not rush into doing the next step. Pausing will help you with the next step.

Editing is quite a challenging step in book publishing. This is the reason why you have to pause for a while before you edit. When editing, you should be able to look at your work as a fresh article; view it like a book you have never seen before and refrain from being biased. If possible, forget that it is your work so your editing will be more efficient. On the other hand, you can also always ask somebody else to edit it for you. There are many editors available online.

After you have finished editing your work, you can now proceed to the title. Your title must be able to provide a thrill for the readers. It must be interesting.It must be able to tell what your book is all about. The last two steps in book publishing is the cover and design. This should also be eye-catching. This will serve as the first impression people will see of your book.

After all the steps mentioned above, you can now publish your book and sell it online.

2.) Craft Making, Promotion and Selling. If you are a natural artist or a skilled person then this business is the one you should venture into. There are so many crafts you can make if you are creative. You can make house decorations with recycled materials. In this way, you will not be spending anything and so costs to start will be minimal.

You can also make greeting cards out of magazine cut-outs or trash. Yes you can make so many things out of used water containers or juice containers. These can be made into bags as well.

The sky is the limit in this business and it is up to you and your creativity. After you have created your crafts, you can promote and sell them online. You can start with your social media sites.

Now that you know the top two best online jobs, you can try them now.


Conducting A Targeted Job Search


A well-defined career objective is essential to have in life as it helps you to select a good career pathway. Once you decide upon your career goals, you can identify a job type that corresponds to your goals as well as to your capacity and interest in a particular field of work.

Many times, defining one’s goals can seriously narrow down the job search and may leave out great job opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, it is important to be flexible while making a selection in your career. Try to be open to working in more than a single environment. Some of the ways to get prospective employers is to conduct a targeted job search campaign.

You can contact the following places to find prospective employers within your target range:

o Industry associations: A number of associations keep profiles of many corporate members or directories of members. These profiles can help you find prospects. In order to find out about an association, you can check out the Encyclopedia of Associations by Gale Research, Inc.

o Trade publications: Trade publications can also be a good resource for you to use in order to learn relevant information about prospective employers. You can contact trade publications online or borrow the latest copies from industry peers. Reading trade publications will help you know more about major employers in this field.

o Business publications: In order to search jobs in the business field, it is important to keep updated with at least one business journal like The Wall Street Journal. To add to your knowledge, you can learn even more with some monthly business   magazines . They usually contain information about upcoming mergers, latest technologies, newest products, and market trends. Your search can greatly benefit by you knowing which areas of business to opt for in order to pursue your career.

o Public library: If you are looking for your target employer as a mid-sized or larger employer, the public library is one of the best ways to search for a job. You can ask for some of the reference libraries like Chamber of Commerce and Standard. A number of small businesses form part of a local Chamber of Commerce, so chances are likely that you may find some small businesses through this medium.

o Mailing lists of Corporations by Industry: Several companies specialize in producing complete mailing lists of companies that are categorized by industry. However, the lists could be outdated, so you need to check in order to be certain that it is still current before posting your resume.

o Career fairs: Career fairs also prove to be beneficial to fresh college graduates and entry-level employees. This is one of the best opportunities for gathering information, making contacts, and finding interviews for jobs.

o Online job boards: Searching for jobs on various online job boards can also prove to be helpful. You can directly search for jobs as well as apply via different online job boards.

Looking for a job can be stressful, but if you know where to look, you can land a job that is both lucrative and enjoyable. By using the resources above, you will be well on your way!


Mind Your Own Business


I am sure you’ve heard the expression, “mind your business.” Am I right? I know I have. Perhaps, you can remember coming up in a household where you were taught to “stay outta grown folks bit-ness.” You may have even been popped upside the head from time to time for disobeying this cardinal rule.

Can you relate to that?

Well, have you ever considered that this law still applies even in adulthood? I am serious. As adults, I think we sometimes get too involved in the affairs of other adults. We have our personal opinions and philosophies about what everybody else should do. And if we’re not careful, we’ll try to run other people’s lives for them, when really, that’s not our place.

Let me tell you something that can potentially save you from undue stress and high blood pressure. Don’t get so consumed with the choices of other “grown folks,” especially when they’re not asking you to be involved. I know it can be hard to bite your tongue when you really want to tell someone exactly what you think about their decisions. But, that’s not your job.

This pill may be tough to swallow, but if you go ahead and wash it down, it’ll do you good.

For the purposes of clarity, I am not referencing “pseudo-adults” who are still living under your roof, and just think they’re grown. No, not at all. I was raised up to believe that, as long as I was under my parents’ roof . . . what? . . . I had to abide by their rules . . . Now let the church say, “amen.” (I hear you talkin’ back to me right there. You know I’m speaking truth.)

Besides, the Bible tells us, “Do not withhold correction from a child” (Proverbs 23:13a).

On the contrary, I am talking about individuals who are at least 18 years of age and are taking care of themselves. For example, they have their own house or apartment, their own a vehicle, and they have a job. Essentially, I am referring to self-supporting, independent people.

These are the ones we have no business policing. I know it can be difficult not to stick your nose in their affairs, especially when you’re concerned about their well-being. But, you have to give them room to grow. Think about it. You didn’t get where you are overnight. You took some knocks. You made some mistakes along the way, but you’re still here by the grace of God.

So, when you see them heading down a destructive path, it’s not always wise to tell them what’s on your mind. Everyone can’t receive instruction. Sometimes you have to hold your peace. Otherwise, they’ll resent you for lecturing them. They’ll feel that you’re being condescending and that you don’t understand where they’re coming from.

Even though you want to help, it will do no good, if the person on the other end is not open or receptive to the wisdom you have to offer. Just pray for them. Even when they ask your opinion, don’t disclose everything you’re thinking. After all, when people ask your opinion, most of the time, they don’t really want the truth. They merely want you to tell them what they want to hear. They don’t want the truth . . . they can’t handle it.

Proverbs 17:10 says, “Rebuke is more effective for a wise man than a hundred blows for a fool.” Don’t waste your words on those who don’t want to receive it. It just doesn’t make sense. The Bible also says in Proverbs 17:27, “He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.”

Hear me today and you’ll be better able to salvage some relationships. You’ll be able to go the distance with people and maintain friendships, without diminishing the other person’s sense of worth. I want you to practice being merciful. Love people through their mistakes. You talk to God and let God talk to them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not proposing that you placate people and make them believe that you agree with their foolishness. On the contrary, there are some occasions when it’s appropriate to express the fact that you don’t necessarily agree. But, you also don’t have to beat them over the head, because chances are, they know what they’re doing is wrong. They don’t need you to tell them that.

Trust me, I am speaking from experience. There are countless times when I am on the other end of that conversation and everything in me is screaming, “Tell them they’re wrong!” “Tell them they’re being stupid!” “Tell them they’re headed straight for trouble!” I must admit, there are times when I’ve given into the urge to tell them exactly what I am thinking. Then, other times, I’ve thought better of it.

I find that, expressing love and understanding is the best solution. When I do that, I am at least able to keep a dialogue open with the individual and help them work through their emotions. Most importantly, once they learn they can trust me, I am able to help them find godly resolutions to the problems they’re facing.

Here’s what I want you to get. The love of Jesus is expressed through your actions, not your words. Although, you are wise and experienced, you must learn to allow others to grow and develop at their own pace. In time, they’ll come to see the error of their ways. And if you remain loyal and non-judgmental through rough times, you’ll be in position to help them once they’re finally ready to listen.

Please remember, love is not seasonal. And it’s certainly not contingent upon whether or not individuals’ behave in manners that suit your beliefs and preferences. Rather, “love suffers long and is kind” (1 Corinthians 13:4a NKJV).

Until next time . . . may you be empowered to prosper.

© 2007 EEW   Magazine . All Rights Reserved.


Writing Jobs Come in All Shapes and Sizes


I am constantly interested when I see an on the web ad for writing jobs mainly because, for one, I am a writer, but most likely even more so simply because you can find so quite a few unique types of writing gigs.

When quite a few of us think about writing jobs, we imagine a newspaper position, or a novelist or short story writer, but there are lots of other types of writing jobs that rarely come to mind.

The other day I saw an ad asking for a writer who could offer 20 articles on food and nutrition for a new web website that was launching in a couple of months. The individual who had placed the ad wanted them all within a month and was willing to pay $1,000 for the work.

What surprised me one of the most about this specific work was that it paid $500 to begin, and $500 when the project was completed. All of the writing jobs I’ve had paid upon completion of the assignment.

I saw another position for a construction newsletter, which was one of the more fascinating writing jobs We have observed since it paid a yearly salary, with health insurance and advantages, but was still considered a largely freelance gig.

One of the more fascinating writing jobs We’ve personally been offered was to write a book on a kind of cancer about which there is certainly evidently not a whole lot of literature. That was one of the couple of gigs I really ended up turning down, merely mainly because I’ve mainly been a journalism writer, and did not definitely know how to approach writing an entire book.

We’ve observed ads searching for essay writers, poetry, and, of course, the more unscrupulous areas of adult material or college term papers. Writing jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s certainly not a one- size-fits-all kind of field.

We have constantly gravitated more toward newspaper and magazine writing due to the fact those are areas where I feel probably the most comfortable and know that I can do a excellent career. We’ve written numerous short stories and have attempted to write a novel, but those have typically not panned out for me the way that other writing jobs have.

The finest advice that I can give to a particular person trying to discover writing jobs is to look for something you are able to imagine yourself truly completing with a particular degree of competence, and then give it your finest shot. I can say in all honesty that there’s no worse feeling than getting into a writing employment where you realize quite early on that you’ve gotten in over your head, or definitely have no idea what you’re doing.


Setting Up A Gardening Business


Summer’s here! Setting up a gardening business can seem overwhelming but we hope to illustrate ten steps to make the process more straight-forward.

Gardeners work for domestic, commercial and public sector clients with gardens and grounds to maintain services can range from planting, pruning, mulching, mowing, fence construction to basic landscaping.

1. Getting Qualified

Although there are no formal qualifications required to set up a gardening business since most gardeners may have developed their personal gardening experiences, getting some qualifications will help you to understand best practice, new trends and how to operate as a business.

The following courses may be beneficial:

  • The Horticultural Correspondence College- runs a course for those with no experience on gardening, costs £199 and takes roughly 18 months to complete.
  • My Gardening School- online gardening course ranges from beginner to pro. Covers topics such as recycling, garden design, pond construction. Prices are around £120
  • The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) – Britain’s premier horticultural brand provides a Level 2 Certificate on Principals of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance. The qualification is recognised in the industry and covers garden planning, choosing plants, growing veg. It is studied over 9 months through (ICS) and costs £275.

2. Understanding The Industry

To help gardeners keep up with industry events and news its useful to keep up to date with industry trends and increase your product knowledge. A few events and publications to keep in mind are:

‘Horticulture Week’ Magazine

‘WHICH? Gardening’ Magazine


3. Key Market Issues & Trends

Some of the current issues affecting the industry are:

The garden sector grow by 1.7% – Datamonitor

The IPOS MORI poll stated that 71% of the UK population believe spending time in the garden is crucial to their quality of life.

UK gardeners spend on average £20,000 over their lifetime on garden services

Figures from the Horticultural Trade Association body suggests increasing confidence in the sector with 92% of their member implementing growth plans.

Government spending cuts will affect those looking to win contracts from local authorities.

According to the Skills Funding Agency there are 16,500 businesses operating in the horticulture, landscape and sports turfing industries. Eight of ten of the business have fewer than ten employees

4. Equipment

The following list is not exhaustive but it will provide you with an idea of the equipment that is required to provide a full service:

Petrol-powered lawnmower


Hedge trimmer




Pruning saw


Hand fork

Hand shears


Bulb planter

Kneelng Mat

Safety Equipment should also include:



Ear Defenders

Safety Visor

For more equipment, check out the prices at QualityGardenTools.com or mowdirect

5. Running The Business From Home

Its a good idea to inform your mortgage company and landlord (if applicable) to ensure that you’re allowed to operate from home. It may be an idea to contact your local authority or the Valuation Office Agency to see if part of your premises is eligible for business rates.

6. Domestic Gardening Work

The best source of domestic work may be within your local area/district offering mowing, hedge cutting and trimming. This could lead to additional work to tidying, pruning and weeding. Much of this likely to be regular work, so customer service is paramount when you get you first gig. Lawn maintenance for example requires treatment programmes, aeration and scarification maybe required 4 times a year.

7. Commercial Contracts

As pointed out the demand from local authorities has slumped, but working with the private sector may bring new opportunities, particularly amongst hotels, offices, pubs, leisure centres, spas, etc. There may also be the opportunity to sub-contract for property maintenance agents.

8. Your Fee

The fee charged by a gardener can vary depending on size & job type, local competition, location. When pricing a job factor in the following:

  • Duration of job
  • Travel requirements
  • Materials

Most gardening jobs charge on hourly basis of £15 p/hour. For domestic work ask to be paid in cash but provide a receipt for you own book-keeping. For commercial jobs it is common to invoice with payment through bank transfer or cheque. In some circumstances the owner may not be at home whilst the work is being carried out but on completion the gardener can pop a dated card through the door to confirm that the job has been carried out and call in the evening for payment.

9. Promotion & Trade Bodies

There are several ‘tradesmen directories’ in existence. We would urge you to use these with caution as we tend to believe that showcasing your work with a video, image, and an online following of satisfied customers can make a bigger impact to those seeking to hire you.

  • Directories – Google Places
  • Advertising In Specialist GardenDrectories
  • Rated People
  • My Hammer
  • CheckATrade
  • Advertising In Local Papers
  • Social Media Profile
  • Local Online Press Release

10. Cover Yourself

There are too many horror stories of gardeners who have suffered through lack of appropriate insurance and financial planning. Get the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance – protection against claims from customers
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – protection against business claimants
  • Employers Liability Insurance – required as soon as you hire your first employee
  • Contract Dispute Insurance – for contractual disputes
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance – to cover loss, theft or damage to your tools
  • Vehicle Cover – for any car/van used for business purposes
  • Income protection insurance to cover periods of sickness or injury

There are specialist insurers who can provide insurance for gardeners such as Tradesmen Insure and BLP Insure.

Happy Gardening!


Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Petite Model?


Want to break into the petite modeling industry but wondering if you have what it takes to succeed? There are lots of magazine and commercial modeling opportunities for good modeling jobs. Take this quiz to find out if you qualify to be the next top face in the petite modeling industry. Answer honestly. These 15 questions will tell you what your chances are of being able to make it as a top paid petite model.

1. Are you between 4 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 7 inches tall?

2. Do people often tell you you’re pretty or cute?

3. Do you have nice eyes, are they almond shaped?

4. Do you have a really nice smile and straight white teeth?

5. Do you sit and stand in a straight manner with correct posture?

6. Are you friendly and work well with others?

7. Are you a size 9/10 or smaller?

8. Would you accept a modeling job in a magazine but with no pay?

9. Is your hair well cared for and does it have style?

10. If called, could you get the right clothing for a modeling job?

11. Do you wear the latest fashion styles? Do you give others fashion advice?

12. Are you willing to travel to get started in your modeling career?

13. Have you dreamed of being a model for more than 3 years?

14. Do you like wearing make-up and having someone style your hair?

15. Do you wear makeup everyday?

Answers to the quiz:

1. This is the big one most models dread. Are you under 5’9″? If so score yourself 5 points. If you are 5’9″ and taller,

but less than 6’2″, then score yourself 5 additional bonus points. Being short does not mean you cannot model. Your

chances to do high fashion runway are out, but there are thousands of modeling jobs you can do even if you are under the modeling agency 5’9″ limit! So don’t sweat it if you are short.

2. If you hear this often, then give yourself 10 points. If people say that, then you likely have a good model look!

3. If you answered “YES” then give yourself 5 points. The eyes are one of your most important features and counts double in your score as a model. If your eyes are nicely almond shaped, give yourself 5 bonus points!

4. If you answered “YES” to a really nice smile, give yourself 5 points. Do you wear braces? If you do give

yourself 5 bonus points!

First, you are in the process of straightening your teeth. Second, your braces won’t be on forever. Braces aren’t a problem in the modeling business like it used to be. In fact it can be a bit of a fashion statement depending on the client and the job.

5. Believe it or not your posture is a major part of your overall look. If you don’t stand or sit straight, you will lack

potential to become a good model. If you answered “YES”, then score yourself 5 points. If you have the ability to arch

your back in a reverse curve, score yourself 5 bonus points.

6. Clients love to work with people who have a great personality. If you are friendly, out- going and not afraid to talk,

score yourself 5 points! If you are the type of person who never met a stranger and can talk to just about anyone, score

yourself 5 bonus points

7. Here’s a really tough one! If you are over dress size 9/10, then TAKE OFF 25 points from your score. This may sound

harsh and unfair but remember this is the petite modeling industry and clients want a figure this size or smaller. If you

are a size 9/10 or smaller, score yourself 10 points.

8. If a client calls wanting you to model for no pay but excellent experience, would you answer “YES or “NO”? If you

said “YES”, give yourself 10 bonus points for being anxious to model no matter what the pay is.

Getting your foot in the door by showing you have experience is one of the best ways to launch your career. The competition is so stiff in the industry that without this valuable experience a client may very likey pass you on for a different model.

9. If you have a great hairstyle and it has been trimmed or cut in the past month give yourself 10 points. If you have

roots which are grown out and are visible, take off 20 points! If your hair is clean and manageable without any strange

“special effects”, give yourself 5 additional bonus points for taking good care of your hair and keeping the look mainstream

so you can work with the largest number of clients possible!

10. If you said “YES” I can get a required wardrobe together easily, give yourself 10 points. If you said, “hey I’m the

model, aren’t you supposed to provide my clothes?”, then take off 20 points. If on the other hand you said “Gosh, I don’t

have all that stuff, but if I have to I’ll call all my friends to see if I can borrow theirs, or if I have to I’ll run to

the store and get it!” Give yourself 10 points for going the extra mile to do whatever it takes to succeed! This shows a

client you are great to work with and can boost your career.

11. Keeping current with the latest fashion trends is very important in being prepared as a model. If you have excellent

fashion sense and wear up to the minute clothing styles, give yourself 5 points. If you give others fashion advice add

another 5 points.

12. If you would travel over 200 miles to do a modeling assignment, give yourself 10 points. Modeling nearly always

involves some type of travel.

13. If modeling is what you have dreamed of for more than 3 years give yourself 10 points. Desire makes all the difference

in the world.

14. Give yourself 5 points if you said “YES”.

15. If you wear make-up everyday, you are very comfortable wearing make-up and would have no problem during a modeling assignment. Give yourself 5 points if your wear make-up daily!

Your score:

If you scored between 125 to 155 points your chances of becoming a successful petite model are very high!

If you scored between 100 to 124 points you need some help but could still make it as a model.

If you scored below 100 points you may have some trouble becoming a successful model and should consider another career.