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Some promotional methods like ‘black hat’ techniques are heavily frowned upon because they are illegal and if you get caught, you are going to be black-listed. The affiliate companies also discourage use of such methods. Work from home jobs are genuine and can make you richer than you ever dreamed. There are better ways of garnering more traffic and making more money while you work from home. If you are an affiliate marketer, you will want to incorporate some SEO articles into your website to make it popular and enhance its chances of ranking higher in the search engines, and attract more traffic.

There are many freelance writers who are working from home today and they are making a decent income at their pace, in their time and in comfort. This is the way to go! And if you think that freelance web article writing is a passing fad, then you have got it wrong because, if anything, it has just started. The importance of search engine optimized articles is that they help in sending more traffic to your site. At the same time, it is good to point out that the articles become obsolete very quickly. Therefore, what sends traffic your way today might do just the opposite of that tomorrow. Therefore, articles have to be kept fresh and new so that when visitors log onto your site, they find some fresh news.

If you are looking for genuine work from home jobs, this is for you. You only have to get into contact with an agency and prove to them that you can really write. It requires you to have some prior knowledge of copywriting, but you can learn and within no time at all, you will be laughing all the way to the bank. This is happening to other people. Why should it not happen to you too? You can always get more information on how you can also start up your own freelance writing agency and hire your own writers.


My First Lessons in Direct Sales Training


At the age of 32 I left the furniture industry, where I had spent 10 years working in a factory. My father was the general manager and he had designed a production line to produce upholstered furniture. I worked through the various departments until I finally became the assistant manager. But I’d worked myself to a state of nervous exhaustion, because of the stress involved in producing endless quantities of upholstered furniture, and then organising its assembly, and loading vehicles, with the finished product, doing all of this in adverse working conditions, with no great prospect of further career advancement.

The other great motivation for my move was based on the fact that I was not particularly happy with the kind of person I had become. I was brought up under the Victorian attitude toward children, e.g. “speak when you’re spoken to” and “if you’ve nothing useful to say – shut up!” Because of this I became introverted, and I needed to break out on this mental trap.

I believed that becoming a salesman would help me achieve a change in my personality. When I told family and friends of my decision to leave my job, people said I was crazy, because they thought that I had a job for life. I also had a wife and three children to support, and here I was about to enter unknown territory.

I had applied in writing for a position as a salesman with the local newspaper. They had advertised for a new sales team, it said training would be given for their classified advertising department. I had been for an interview, which had seemed to go quite well but I had not yet had a response. After a particularly bad week at the factory, on the Friday evening I quit. As I was travelling home that evening I saw a sign outside a city centre hotel, saying, “Interviews are being conducted today for salespeople”. I parked my vehicle and went into the hotel. I found that the person doing the interviews was just wrapping up for the day. I persuaded him to give me an interview. He told me that the job on offer was selling magazine subscriptions, of which he was carrying about 400 titles. I explained that I had no experience in this kind of work, but he assured me that he would give me full training. It was a commission only job but as I had nothing else going for me I was glad to take the job.

The following day was Saturday and we agreed to meet early in the morning at the hotel. We would then go together to start on the job training. I arrived at the hotel early next morning with my vehicle, which fortunately was a van, because when I arrived we loaded large bundles of the magazines into the back. Then we set off. He directed me to a small town about 5 miles out of the city. We parked my van, then he said, “Now I’ll show you how to do it”.

He took two magazines from the back of my van, one was a Lady’s Hairdressing Journal and the other was a Hardware Journal. We walked along the street and entered a ladies hairdressing salon. He identified the proprietor and asked her if she would be interested in taking out a subscription for the journal. She said “no thank you” so he turned about, and we left the salon.

Then we walked along the street until we found a hardware shop. We entered, and waited until the owner had finished serving a customer, then he asked the owner if he would like to take out a subscription for the hardware journal. The owner said he was already subscribing for the magazine. So once again we turned about and left.

We had now spent about two hours together, and I was amazed when my trainer, then asked me to take him back to the city hotel, as he was taking the train back to Glasgow early that afternoon. I had no option but to do as he asked. Back at the hotel he told me I would do fine. He gave me an address at which to contact him, which was somewhere in Glasgow. He told me to send him any subscriptions I sold, less 40% this was when I learned that the 40% was to be my income.

The rest of that weekend, I spent worrying about the situation I was now in, having left the secure job at which I was earning £1000 pounds a year (this was almost twice the national average income at that time). However, by Monday morning having no other visible source of income, I set off to try earn to a living. The first thing I did was return to the same town and I called once again on the hardware merchant. I went inside and asked him why he subscribed to the magazine. I did this to find out what benefits he got from buying it. He told me that it was a very useful tool, as it contained up to date lists of steel prices and other materials. By the nature of his trade, he carried lots of small steel items such as screws, nails etc and the price list enabled him to keep the value and price of his stocks up to date, no matter how long they had been on his shelves. I questioned him further and he admitted that this benefit alone made the subscription worthwhile.

Armed with that knowledge I then studied the hairdressing journal that I carried and found that it contained a detailed guide, of the very latest hair style along with a tutorial in every issue. These showed hairdressers how to perform the cut and also how to perm the hair to create the new style. I then moved on to the next village, where I sought out the local hardware merchant and approached him with the journal emphasising the value of the price guide within its pages. He ordered the magazine and gave me the money for the subscription. Next, I went into the local lady’s hairdressing salon, showed the proprietor the tutorial within the journal of the latest style. I illustrated how this would enable her staff and juniors to treat her customers to the very latest fashion. She also took out a subscription.

By the end of my first week I had earned £10 pounds. The second week I earned £20 pounds. The following week I felt I was really getting the hang of the job, because I earned £25 pounds. This was more money per week more than I had earned at the factory. By now, I was beginning to feel that I could make a career out of selling subscriptions. However, that weekend a letter arrived asking me to attend the newspaper offices to start on a training course as a salesman on the Monday morning. As the job with the newspaper offered training and possibly better prospects with a good company I decided I would take up the offer, even though the starting pay was only £750 pounds per annum.

The few weeks work I did on my own, taught me the value of asking questions even when your customers are already buying your product. They can teach you about benefits of your product that you may not be aware of. This is an element of sales training that is often overlooked. Then using this additional information and emphasising the benefits working in a practical way will increase the value you bring to your new prospects and enable you to increase your sales.


Why Go Freelance? Ten Super Cool Jobs You Can Do from Home


Who says that you have to go to work to have a cool job? Do you think you need years of school and training to have an interesting job? New freelance sites, like GoFreelance, offer cool jobs that anyone can do. Here are ten super cool jobs that people currently do right from their own homes with little or no training.

1. Write Greeting Card Copy. If they are poetic, romantic, sentimental, sappy or just have a flair for writing verses that pull on the heart, they may have a gift for writing greeting cards. Some companies pay per card and some even pay royalties.

2. Video Game Writer. Video gaming websites will pay people to write about video games.

3. Online Blogging. Writers and bloggers can earn a reputation and make good money to make daily or weekly entries on websites. Many have been able to quit a full-time job.

4. Internet Surfing. One company pays individuals to surf the internet for 5 hours per day. They even increase compensation if you spend more time browsing.

5. Write Reviews of   Magazines  You Read. Some  magazine  subscription companies pay  magazine  readers to write reviews of the  magazines  they’ve read.

6. Posting in Forums. One site offers hundreds of opportunities to be paid weekly by forum posting firms who seek writers able to discuss multiple topics in online forums.

7. Internet research. Companies pay to research the internet for competitive products or services and report it to them.

8. Shoe testers. Company that manufactures shoes will pay you to test their new styles. They send you shoes and you wear them for a week and let them know what you thought. They send you a check and you even keep the shoes.

9. Baby food testing. This one is especially cool for a new mom. You test new kinds of baby food, keep the samples and get paid.

10. Sending emails. One company pays $25 for each email people send for them. That is not too tough for those who love to write!

With jobs like this available, anyone can have a fun, enjoyable and cool new job!


Time Magazine – An International Winner Fights With the Future


Time magazine is one of the most recognized weekly publications in newsstands after more than 85 years. It was first issued in 1923 and was the first weekly magazine in the US. focusing on news commentary and presentation of political and celebrity personalities. Needless to say that the most important aspect of the magazine is the ‘Person of the Year’, featuring political and celebrity figures; many times the selection of the person that made it to the front page has raised a lot of criticism that brought a steep increase in sales.

The magazine became exploited very successfully the beginning of the radio and cinema eras and advertised heavily back in the early thirties. Possibly this is the reason for the widespread recognition of Time magazine across the US and worldwide, together with the coverage of World War II and other main events (Korea war, Vietnam etc.)

From the beginning of the new Century the magazine is part of AOL Time Warner Media giant; there were steep editorial and format changes from 2006 and beyond, causing the loss of editorial jobs (almost fifty); the Canadian edition of Time magazine discontinued its publication in the late 2008, after a continuous presence in the country for sixty years.

The magazine’s style has remained more or less constant overtime; the characteristic red border has only changed a couple of times since the first issue was published. The most important change was on September 11 terrorist attack and the death of Michael Jackson recently. Other than that, the magazines overall writing style has remained constant. In 2007 the magazine show a significant amount in changes as regards to the size of the red cover border – in order to promote featured stories – size of the titles, space around the articles themselves, and introduction of photos of the writers. The change was discussed greatly and there was significant criticism as well as praise.

Time has moved to the new Internet era successfully; they introduced a Web site that serves as News portal for users around the Web originating either from US or around the world. Their site serves as a shop for buying a Time magazine subscription, getting RSS feeds for news, and tapping into mobile Web by distributing content through specialized mobile applications and Web 2 (Blackberry, Widgets, Twitter etc.)

The site is among the top 100 with nearly 21 million visitors every month, the majority of which come from around the world. The majority of visitors are male, above 35 years old, with no kids and an average salary ranging from $20,000 to $35,000.

The Time magazine is distributed electronically through digital book readers; it appears that the magazine is active to new technologies; this is an obvious reaction to the losses of nearly one million issues on their circulation during the past decade.


The Art of Private Investigation


Today, PI schools are popping up everywhere. Private schools, Online Schools, and Community Colleges are just a few of the places you can take a crash course and become a licensed Private Investigator. Most of the students paying to attend these schools are under the belief that once licensed they are going to instantly find jobs or clients and make lots of money. Well not so, not likely, but maybe, if you hang in there for many years and develop a few skills along the way. Maybe.

Most perspective PI’S seem to have been drawn to this field of work because of the state of the economy. They lost their job and they are looking for something exciting and profitable to do. Low and behold they read a “Hot Jobs” magazine or any number of “Entrepreneur” magazines and they all tell the reader that one of the hottest and most profitable careers is Private Investigation. What the magazines and schools don’t tell you is that Private Investigation is a difficult field to break into. There is stiff competition with the hundreds of already established Private Investigators and most of them have already secured the turf in which you are looking to set up shop in. Most practicing Private Investigators entered the profession after a career in law enforcement or working in some other investigative capacity. They entered the business with many tools. Law enforcement contacts, DMV contacts, insurance company contacts, phone company contacts, and many skills. These are all tools and or skills that a new investigator needs just to get up and running after becoming licensed.

Private Investigation can be a rewarding and challenging career however before entering this profession a perspective PI should have a detailed plan as to how they intend to obtain a job in this field or obtain clients if they are opening their own agency. Contacting Private Investigators in your area, and the area that you intend to work in, is recommended before embarking on this profession.


Create A Magazine Cover Look With Ten Easy Makeup Tips


1. Cleansing Skin The Right Way

Use lukewarm water, not hot water, to wash your face. Pat it dry with a towel (don’t rub), and put on moisturizer immediately afterward. Using hot water on your face is likely to make your skin dry and red, and to lead to broken capillaries and rosacea.

2. How To Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful

The key to maintaining a healthy, youthful look is exfoliation. As an added bonus, exfoliation improves your skin’s ability to absorb moisturizers!

3. Sunscreen is Not Just for Beach Days

As wonderful as your skin’s ability to repair itself is, repeated damage over time still adds up, making your skin look old before its time. The number-one factor that causes skin damage is exposure to the sun.

To keep your skin looking and feeling young, never leave home without putting on sunscreen.

4. Remember to Use Primer

Primer’s job is to hold your makeup in place for however long you want it to stay in place. You can use it all over your face, including lips and eyelids.

5. How To Create A Cleaner Makeup Look

Try putting eye makeup on first, followed by concealer and face makeup. If you clean off any powder residue and smudges from your eye makeup before you add face makeup, all your makeup will have a cleaner look to it.

6. Make Peach Your Go-To Makeup Color

Peach makeup adds luster to a dull skin tone every time. Whenever you feel your look needs freshening up, just put on some peach lip gloss and blush. Peach complements all skin tones because it’s halfway between a warm color and a cool color.

7. Add A Little Lipstick

Brightening your lips with lipstick can always brighten up your entire look, with or without other makeup.

8. Perfect The Art Of Applying Eyeliner

It takes effort and practice to learn to apply eyeliner to the inner rims of your eyelids, but once you’ve mastered the skill, it will serve you well.

We have an instinctive fear of and resistance to having any object that close to our eyeballs, but once you know how to keep that feeling under control, you can add a subtle degree of sexiness to your look every day, even if you keep your other makeup to a minimum.

9. Eye Pencils Can Make Your Eyes Appear Larger

Try lining the inner rims of your eyelids with an eye pencil that matches the color of your skin. This technique gives your eye a clean, fresh appearance and makes it look much bigger than it is.

10. Use a Facial Mist

To add moisture to your face and give it a glow, especially during hot weather, use a mister of pure rosewater to mist your face periodically during the day.


Paying Markets For Writers – America’s Medical Magazine


There are hundreds of paying markets for writers on the Internet. The challenge of freelance writers and other established writers is finding paying markets that suits their interests. The area of specialization is one factor that cannot be ignored. How much would writers be paid per word or per article? Answers must be provided so that freelance writers could be well informed in order to take satisfactory and profitable decisions. Having access to publishers’ guidelines is a power writers seeking for paying markets must not underestimate.

My self imposed task over the past weeks have been to make quick tips available to freelance writers about paying markets that will reward them handsomely for their effort.

This article is about one paying market in the medical writing category which I was alerted thanks to my ever dependable source of hot information.

America’s Medical Magazine

This is a web-based medical magazine dedicated to bringing the most compelling stories about the human side of any kind of medical condition to its readers. Accepted stories cover surgery, psychiatry, medicine etc from a provider, family, caregiver or individual perspective. You do not have to be an established writer to contribute to this magazine. Articles are non-fiction stories. Information articles are not solicited.

One time rights or reprints for electronic rights are bought as agreed with writers. Having your work accepted has more to do with the needs of the magazine than how good your write up is. The initial step is for you to send an email query with enough enough information about your proposed story. All initial communication is via email. You can send email to

Your email should describe the nature of your story, how long it will take to complete and any other detail you feel is important. The magazine pays 5 cent per word. Payment is made on acceptance.


Great Freelancing Tips For Magazine Writers


With the current boom in the global economy, all economic activities have seen an upward swing. The magazine industry is no exception. This industry has experienced regular growth. It has seen the predictable effect of increased competition. Today, more and more employers are opting for freelancers and independent contractors.

Having full time employees can be a drain on a company’s financial resources, as workspace, paid holidays, and other benefits have to be provided as per the industry norms. Many publications prefer freelance writers, as it’s a win-win situation for both the writers and the publication. The publications can have as many freelance writers as they wish, offering different points of view. This also saves money as they only have to pay per assignment and no benefits have to be provided as in the case of regular employees.

With the advancement in information and communication technology, freelancers can write their articles anywhere and have them mailed to the editors in no time. However, it is important to note that freelancing is a very competitive field.

A few tips to freelancers aspiring to write for magazines.

Many writers offer their services for free or for a ridiculously less fee. They only want the status of being published. There could be many reasons for this, maybe the writer is not dependent on writing for a living or writing is just a hobby. I strongly advise against this. You should value your own writing, as someone else is going to make money from your work. It is your right to get the monetary benefit for your work.

However, if you are writing for a worthy cause, then you may write for the sheer joy of writing. When writing, stick to deadlines and present your article in an organized manner. Read and rewrite your piece many times to make it error free.

Evaluate your skills, interests, and past experience and put that into your writing, everybody has some core competence area. There are magazines that specialize in fitness, furnishings, home decor, photography etc. Choose the subject of your interest and do some additional research.

Once you have zeroed in on the issues and subjects of your interest, locate the magazines and publications specializing in this area and market yourself aggressively. This will make writing very easy and enjoyable, as the subject you will write on is well known and interesting to you.

Do not overwhelm your editors with unnecessary queries but take editorial guidelines when necessary. Always try to meet your deadlines. In case you cant meet them, you should communicate with your editor. Stay in touch and always keep the communication line open with the editors. The more you are in touch with your editors the more you will be hired for work.

Stay focused on your area of competence, as you are likely to do a better job of it. Venturing into unknown territory is fraught with dangers. However, if you have to do it then arm yourself with all the knowledge you can gather on the subject before attempting it.

Not everyone is cutout to be a freelance writer, but if you are confident that you have the skills and the aptitude then you are guaranteed a great deal of job satisfaction. Also, you can work your own hours while still polishing your skills in any other craft.


Photography Jobs


Many people love and enjoy photography jobs as a hobby. It can be done part time for some extra cash or you can turn it into a full time job and make a living from it.

Photos are very special as they provide us with keepsakes of pleasant memories, places and events that happened in our lives. They allow us to hold a special moment forever on a picture and it brings back certain memories. There are millions of people who love photos and enjoy taking them. If you are one of them then this will be a great opportunity for you to start your own photography business. It is easy to get legitimate online photography jobs.

There are a large number of advantages with this job. You will be your own boss and can choose your own time and days you want to work. It gives you flexability and freedom. Take pictures anytime and anyplace on vacation and in different locations, in different cities and countries.

The demand for photos is huge. Businesses and private buyers are looking for photographs each and every day. Stock images are in big demand. Lots of companies and magazines need new and relevant photo images for advertisements.

Anyone with a simple digital camera can take nice and clear pictures. You don’t need to be an expert and there is no special experience required. It is easy to sell your pictures on the internet. There is an unlimited demand for all kinds of photos. Photography jobs are lots of fun. It gives you a big opportunity to earn a good living. It is a legitimate business and you will enjoy doing it.


Will the iPad Kill Magazines?


While the iPad is not a proven technology, it has done a great job of proving that things can change and change quite rapidly. The question we are going to broach today has to do with whether or not the iPad will kill magazines. This is a loaded question and you will get many different responses to it. What we will do today however is determine once and for all what impact these new technologies will have on the written word.

In one aspect of this argument, you might say that the internet was supposed to kill newspapers. As you can see, newspapers are still alive and well for the most part, even though many individuals choose to read their news online free. It was possible to read certain magazines online, but the iPad is actually taking the dynamic to a whole new level.

First, the iPad is the size of a standard hardback book, meaning it can show magazines in their native resolution. In addition to that users can interact with the on-screen presentation in the same way they would interact with any book. You can literally use your hands to flip through pages, which is actually quite impressive.

In addition, the iPad will be able to download magazines, removing the need to actually go to the store. In a way, this will reduce the need for print and it is very possible that we will start to see a reduction in the number of printed publications. Will it really drive the print industry under? To answer this, we will have to look at the number of people who will be purchasing the iPad.

Yes, the iPad is an amazing piece of technology, but there are still individuals who will not be purchasing it simply because they still prefer the paper method. In addition, many will not purchase it because they do not like Apple. As of right now, there is no PC or Linux equivalent to this device, meaning many purists will stick with the standard magazines.

What about the future? Will people abandon the old paper and print magazines? It took some time but eventually humanity decided to switch from the horse and buggy to the automobile. If you look around, however, you will find that there are still a few who use horses. In other words, it is highly probable that technology similar to the iPad will take over print, but it will not happen during this generation. All change takes time, no matter how badly some of us want it to come, so for those who are keen on seeing the future, have patience and it will come soon enough.