How to Get a Photography Job With a Magazine?


Before we even begin this journey, you need to have a good Digital SLR camera with flash, and good images to share with  magazines . Be extremely selective with your choices, ask friends and family to pick their favorites. Do not include pictures of your pets, or kids. Look for unusual photos, sometimes mistakes or blurred images end up being the most interesting to  magazine  editors. Photograph something from above or below. Anyone can stand in front of the Capitol and snap a picture, you have to catch their eyes with something new and fresh.

Enter a general message directed at the art director, photo editor, or publisher. I usually email all 3 in one email so that I cover all my bases. Include your personal website address if you have one. Keep your email short and to the point, editors are busy and do not want to hear about your life, they just want to know if you can take an interesting high quality photograph.

Research which  magazines  you want to work with. Do a general web search for  magazines  or publishers in your zip code. You will have more success if you stay local and only contact  magazines  who publish your type of photography. Go to the  magazine  websites and make sure that your photos would be appropriate for their  magazine . Look for the emails of the publisher, art director, and photo editor. Copy those email addresses into your email with your photos attached.

Make sure that your email is open and friendly. Make it clear that you are willing to do ANY assignments, travel on short notice, and help in any way possible to make this  magazine  even better than it is now. You see, the point is not to make money now, it’s to get published and have a portfolio that you can use to make money in the future. Photo editors will not give you cover shots or high-profile articles until you have proved yourself to be reliable and consistent in your photography.

Be patient, and do not email publishers asking why they did not respond unless you want to be deleted from their inbox. Anyone can get 5 really good photos out of 1000’s. If you really want to work for someone, send new photos every month with a friendly note. Most websites will tell you what is coming up in the next issue, this is your chance to go out and get some images that are relevant to what they are working on at the moment.


Job Vacancies Advice


The world has truly become a global village now with increasing globalization of economies and integration of global markets. National boundaries have now become meaningless and superfluous. This has led to increased job opportunities for today’s youth as world trade and global cooperation has increased new vistas for the young generation. They are the ones who will gain from this situation. As companies are focusing more and more on factors like quality and cost advantage, international trade as a career option has gained momentum. A host of job vacancies are open in this field now for all those professionals who know the dynamics of trade and commerce in international markets.

In addition job vacancies also exist in the fields of merchandising, export promotion, logistics, branding, regulatory and finance, sales and marketing and customer interaction due to the open door liberalization policies of Governments. The Indian Government, for example, now provides incentives to promote exports in the nature of subsidy and export finance. This has led to development of numerous export promotion councils and zones leading to increased job vacancies.

With Indian stock market having a dream run and the economy rapidly growing, job vacancies are also increasing by the day in the Indian market. Job vacancies now exist in almost all sectors. This is pushing up salaries and resulting in employees pulling the shots.

The Middle Class population is ever increasing along with the disposable income levels. Hence, new malls as also shopping complexes have come up not only in metro cities but also in smaller towns and cities. This has resulted in the retail sector throwing up a gamut of job vacancies for all sections of population in the fields of customer care, sales, finance, logistics and other areas. Management continues to be the backbone of each organization. Thus demand for professional managers in malls and city centres is ever increasing and high premium is offered to people having the right degree, experience and talent.

In the near future, the bulk of action will be in tier 2 cities as consumers of these cities are increasingly becoming more and more affluent.

To fulfill their immediate needs of job vacancies, companies and organizations take the help of walk-in interviews. As growth and target achievement is the buzz word in today’s world, many a times companies need staff for completing their projects on short notice. At such times, it is not possible to wait for the usual recruitment process to complete. Walk-in-interviews help to fill up the gap in availability of human resources, tackle the shortfall in target that has been projected, upgrade the target and meet unexpected demand in services and products. Walk-in-interviews are conducted for job vacancies in the fields of marketing and sales, production, operations and for freshers.

Traditionally, newspapers and   job   magazines  were the only source of searching for  job  vacancies but now the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities. It is where the employer meets the employee. Online interviews, chat sessions, discussion forums help the employer find the person best suited for the job. The employee too can search for job vacancies sitting at home and does not need to travel to and fro for the right job.


Open Media Graduate Jobs In The UK


Graduates in the United Kingdom who are interested in using their communications skills and journalistic acumen to full effect are entering a dynamic job market. Media graduate jobs in the UK have become plentiful with the rise of Internet-based media and alternative sources of information to cable news or print publications. As such, a graduate who has a traditional view of what media jobs are available to them needs to think outside of the box. The job hunt for graduate jobs with media companies is less about building up clips and meeting with newspaper editors as it is developing a portfolio of design and writing material to dazzle online editors.

The growth of video sharing sites and alternative media on the Web has created a need for impartial observers for non-profit organizations or political campaigns. Media watchdog groups, usually non-partisan in nature, hire media graduates in the UK to do research and write reports on a variety of issues in media. A young graduate with an interest in political advertisement may be tasked with researching online advertisements and videos for particular candidates. From there, this media researcher writes a report on the claims made in the video and the corresponding data to confirm or refute these claims. Media watchdog positions offer graduates the opportunity to fulfil their sense of public duty while earning a steady wage.

However, some media graduates are more interested in expressing their design aesthetic or organisational skills than exposing the truth in media. These young professionals can find work in the burgeoning field of online video sharing. Websites like YouTube and LiveVideo present millions of videos around the world, ranging from public debates to home made videos. These sites are not self sustaining, however, and media graduates can find work in a variety of capacities. Advertising professionals work to set up appropriate banner ads for specific content, maximizing their client’s advertising money. Media professionals work with major networks or providers on special content promotion, which is meant to combine traditional media methods with television’s inevitable turn toward the Internet.

Finally, the movement away from traditional print publications means that there is a move toward online   magazines  and newspapers. Writers, editors, and photographers in the UK who are interested in working in a more typical newsroom environment should consider working for an online  magazine . These  magazines  offer a high amount of traffic, an ability to mix regular columns with blog entries, and the exposure needed to earn a regular following. Online  magazines  are the trend of the future and young journalists in the UK should take advantage of this trend.


CV Buzz Words


There is a lot of talk in Professional CV Writing of CV Buzz Words, also known as Keywords. The need for these came about originally with job applicants recognising that equipped with an interview buzz words list, they could potentially get a job just by sounding right for the job.

As a Professional recruiter, CV Writer and trained job interviewer, as I have said many times before, the hardest thing for an employer or recruiter to explain to a job seeker is what it is like on the far side of the job interview desk. But, do buzz words work? In the right context, if you have the basic skills and understanding for that job, then yes they do. But if you are a weak job applicant, and don’t have the basic skills for that job, then no. Either you will sound like the Duracell Bunny, and/or a good interviewer will find you out.

But if you have the skills to do the job, the right buzz words will help you. What are they, how do you find out what they are, and how do you use them?

Buzz words for CVs

In background, buzz words also known as keywords are according to dictionaries:

  • An important-sounding usually technical word or phrase often of little meaning used chiefly to impress laymen
  • A voguish word or phrase -called also buzz phrase

Hence, used in the first context, they are useless. You need to have the basic skills to make them work in the second context.

Buzz words for job applications

But the problem for job seekers and job applicants now, is that we have job applicant tracking systems, and they actively search for CV Buzz Words! Its why most technical job CV’s have keywords sections, specifically to allow their scanning systems to easily see and find them.

However, there is no point in keyword stuffing your CV or job application. A good Professional CV has to read right for both human beings and computers. Generally, that means that the biggest companies will use ATS systems, but for smaller companies keyword stuffing makes little sence.

How to you find keywords?

So, you are applying for a technical job, and you want to add some buzz words: how do you find out which to use? You have three main sources:

  • The job advert itself: the actual job adverts will mention the key skills, qualifications and experiences that the job holder will require
  • The local magazine display: specialist sector magazines are highly researched pieces of media, and better than books are the guide to the latest what’s new/great and hence in vogue in that market. A quick stroll to your local newspaper shop should provide a great guide on what’s in, trendy and hence a buzz word
  • The internet: tap in the keywords for that job or market, and see what your favourite search engines provides

I prefer this method of researching trends over any of the published lists. These are words and phrases which are in vogue now. Hence much like fashion, words and phrases come into as well as out of style.

Buzz words for CV

Once you have your keywords, how do you use them? Remember, that who ever or what ever reads your Professional CV, its wording has to work being read by both human beings and computers.

The best way hence to insert buzz words into your Professional CV is to add them within the text. This means that they look natural and in context, and not placed. The downside of this method is that they may not be that easily found by a computer. You hence have two options, should you conclude that a computer (ATS) will be scanning your CV or job application:

  • Highlight or bold the keywords and skills: I have never seen this done well, and it makes you look like you are shouting these words out. Remember, its your SQE that will get you employed, the buzz words just add to that
  • Add a keywords section: place all the SQE words in a keywords section, just below your personal statement. This can look a little bit robotic, but its clear and makes a human-level reader difference as well

Buzz words for interview

Do buzz words work in an interview? Unless you place them in context and understand both what they do and what beneficial affect that they have within business, then no!

Plus, what buzz words that were in trend two weeks ago, may not be now. Further, they may not be the buzz words within that employer.

CV buzz words are not an essential thing to learn or understand when you are writing a Professional CV or applying for a job. But of you have the right skills for that job, and know or can find out what the keywords are, then they can confirm you as a candidate worth interviewing.

Good Luck!


Jobs – Myths About Job Search


People have a lot of misconceptions and myths about job search. This happens due to superfluous knowledge about something. People know half of the things from several sources or by word of mouth and they tend to assume the rest of it. So, as a result of this, people tend to have a lot of myths about job search. This article will discuss some of the myths that exist in people’s mind.

• Myth: people tend to believe that several job opportunities will come their way if they register at too many internet job boards.

This myth is not true. If you register everywhere on the net employers will not queue up to recruit you. You can also obtain interview calls by looking up magazines and newspapers. Lots of advertisements related to jobs appear on newspapers and trade magazines.

• Myth: candidates who are seeking jobs are looked down upon by employers if they change jobs often.

A person who hops from one job to another is considered as fickle minded. During interviews, employers will question you regarding why you shifted from one particular company to another. But if you can give them logical explanations of the act then there is no problem. Even they understand that your ultimate long term goal is to progress in your career, become successful, earn money and improve your skills and also learn new skills. It is foolish to stick around in a particular place for years and years when you can get better opportunities somewhere else. In that case there is no problem if you change your job for a better opportunity. However, try and avoid really short terms of working, like less than a year.

• Myth: a cover letter is not important while you are applying for jobs.

A cover letter is included at the beginning of your resume. It is a very important piece of writing and recruiters go through the cover letter in great detail. Only if the authorities explicitly mention that it does not have to be included, only then can you skip the cover letter, otherwise not. A cover letter communicates to the employer what are you exactly looking for and how qualified you are for the post.

• Myth: you are sure to get an interview call when you have sent your resume and your cover letter.

The real picture is different. Companies receive hundreds of applications every day. Not all of them are read with great importance. So you cannot sit quietly after you are done sending your application. You need to follow them also. If you think you are suitable for the vacant post in some company, call them up after you have sent your application. Do not hesitate. Job search is not an easy thing. You can also request for an interview when you are confident about your capabilities. Even if you are under qualified, still request for one. You never know, you may end up grabbing the job.


How to Keep Your Job


With jobs disappearing at a very rapid pace, many employees are wondering, How do I keep my job? Here are some tips for holding on to the job that you have.

Align yourself with the direction of the company. Having worked in outplacement for a number of years, I have found that it is not necessarily the unproductive workers who are most vulnerable to layoffs and downsizing, but rather those who are not in sync with the vision of management for the company. Pay attention to what is said in company meetings (and even what is not said.) This kind of information can help you determine where management is trying to take the company.

Show your contribution to the bottom line. Even if you are not in sales, you should still be able to articulate how the work that you do is valuable to the company. As far as possible you should be able to quantify how much money you saved, what time-saving measures you instituted, and how you improved processes. Management tends to cut those positions that do not have a direct relationship to the bottom line.

If possible, find an internal champion who can speak knowledgeably about your contributions. A mentor is the best person to serve in this capacity. If you have a mentor who is well placed in the organization, this person is in an excellent position to speak up for you

Cross train so that you can backfill a position if necessary. In an era of cutbacks you make yourself more valuable if you are flexible and can do more than one job.

Keep your skills up to date in your current position and let your boss know about any new certifications or licenses that you have obtained. Staying abreast of what is current in your field positions you well as a valuable employee, and it also makes you marketable just in case your job is eliminated in spite of your best efforts.


The New Yorker Magazine Joke Caption Contests


The New Yorker Magazine has long been famous for its well-illustrated jokes. The simple pencil line drawings are created by some of the top illustrators of jokes in the world, and although many of the magazines jokes have a peculiar and sometimes hard to catch sense of humor, they are nevertheless appreciated with laughter by millions of readers. And one of the magazine’s biggest merchandise items over the decades has been its annual joke collection books, which are usually sold as coffee table style books, desk calendars, or personal journals containing the best jokes of the year.

Then a few years ago the magazine took the unprecedented step of letting its readers make up the punch line captions for the jokes it publishes. Each week one illustration is printed – without any caption attached – and readers can compete to come up with the best one-liner caption to go with the picture. Then readers also get to vote on which caption they like the best, after a panel of judges helps to narrow down the top contenders. Eventually, one entry emerges as the winning line, and the person who submitted it is rewarded with seeing it published in the magazine. They are also given a framed copy of their joke of the week, as a keepsake memento of their winning moment of laughter.

Several jokes generally run at the same time on the reader entry page, and each of the jokes is in a different stage or phase of the contest’s progress toward picking a winner. If you were to pick up a copy of the magazine this week, it will show last week’s winner. Then it will show the three choices for next week’s winner, so that you can vote for the one that you think is the best. And the new joke illustration – shown with no captions – is presented on the page, with entry information so that you can make up a funny caption and email it or mail it to the editors for entry into the contest.

But in 2006 the magazine added another twist to the whole process, which surprised and dismayed some readers, while it made others happy and excited. They now advertise that if you want to have a framed cartoon of your own, just like the ones that the winners get to hang on their own den walls, you can. All you have to do is write a check for around $50, add your caption, and the magazine will send you a copy of the illustration with your own caption printed on it. Of course you don’t even have to be funny, because it is not going to be judged by anyone, which makes some readers skeptical of the whole idea. But for the magazine and those who like the fun of seeing their own name attached to a cartoon, the concept – which is essentially another way to sell magazine related merchandise – is a winner.


How to Find the Perfect Job


It’s 6:29 in the morning. The alarm clock is about to set off, but you are already awake. You turn your back to the bedside table and hope that this minute will last forever. But of course, it doesn’t. A few seconds later, the all-too-familiar noise fills the room. You turn it off with a careless slap of the hand and, with loathing in your heard, you get out of bed. Sounds familiar? When was the last time your morning routine was governed by the thrilling anticipation of what was to come? When was the last time you wanted to fast-forward breakfast and morning preparations and just get to work? If you can’t remember, chances are you’re sick of your job.

How to Find the Perfect Job

People say that there is no such thing as a perfect job, that no matter how much you enjoy it, it will sooner or later turn into routine. But then there are those who say that, ever since they discovered their passion, they haven’t worked a day in their life. Are they an accident? Probably not. They were just lucky enough to discover what they loved quite early in life.

The thing you have to consider when looking for the perfect job is: what makes you happy? What are you insatiably curious about? What do you enjoy doing when you have a bit of time for yourself? What makes time fly? The answer to these questions is the first step towards your perfect job. Does gardening relax you? Do you enjoy traveling? Do you play an instrument? Or maybe you enjoy computer games. All of these activities can become potential jobs. All you have to do is be creative.

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Job

What you have to remember about work is that it serves others. You can offer your skills, your talent and your time in exchange for money. But the bottom line is: you give. So how can you turn something as self-serving as a hobby into a selfless act? It’s easy: make your hobby profitable to others. If you love gardening, for example, you probably know a lot on the subject. You can share your knowledge with other people. You can organize seminars, you can start a forum or you can even set up a small store. Don’t worry about the logistical side of it. If you really want it, you’ll find the way. Dare to dream and don’t be afraid of being ridiculous. People may laugh at you, but that’s because they can’t imagine themselves being able to pull it off, so they assume you should be discouraged as well.

You might say “that’s all fine, but what do I do if my favourite activity is reading gossip   magazines ? That’s completely useless, right?” The answer is the same. How can you give this interest of yours back to society? Maybe starting up a blog on the subject will help people connect and stay tuned to the latest celebrity news. Or you could go to your local  magazine  and ask if they have a  job  that might interest you. If you offer your services for free for a while, it’s unlikely that they’ll turn you down. It won’t feel like work anyway, so why not do it? It will earn you credibility and it will open a few doors in the process.

Think outside the box, find solutions, get creative. Whatever you do, don’t tell yourself that it’s impossible. If others do it and make a living out of it, so can you. And if they don’t, you can be a pioneer.

How to Sell Your Passion

Starting off is difficult. Don’t fool yourself. You have to be realistic enough to know that in the beginning you will work a lot for free and you won’t get noticed straight away. You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of time just to gain experience, create a portfolio and build up connexions. But guess what? Since you’re passionate about this, it won’t feel like work. It’s what you were doing anyway, so why not prepare for getting some money out of it?

Find cheap or even free ways to advertise yourself. Use the Internet, it’s the cheapest and the most accessible tool. Read about Internet marketing and self promotion and put it into practice. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work straight away. Be consistent. Be stubborn. Don’t give up.

Connect with people who have the same interest, ask for feedback and learn from criticism. Look at those who have succeeded and imitate them. Be prepared to fail. Behind every success story there’s a great record of failures. Learn from your mistakes and readjust your plans.

How to Get Better at What You Do

Having the perfect job doesn’t mean that you can wake up late and do nothing all day. If you want to be successful, you have to be constantly active. Stay in touch with everything that’s going on in your field of interest and, most importantly, improve yourself. No matter how good you are at what you do, there’s always more to learn. Don’t get stuck, because others will immediately take your place. Do everything you can to become a master of your trade.

If you want to meet your goals, you must also be prepared to learn new things that you don’t necessarily like, but are essential for your success. If you want to start that gardening site, you will have to learn a little bit about how the Internet works, how search engines work, about how to improve the traffic on your site, about Internet advertising and so on. Even if you’re not interested in these technical aspects, it’s a small sacrifice you have to pay if you want to make your dream come true. Nothing is easy, but when you work towards a goal, these administrative chores will seem more bearable.

Do not, for a moment, think you can’t do it. The human brain is amazing and you can learn literally anything if you stop sabotaging yourself. Work hard and don’t expect instant miracles. There is no such thing. Your results are the bulk of your work. As Andy Warhol used to say about his art: “Don’t think about making it, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

How to Stay on Top

Don’t lose perspective. Don’t forget where you came from. There’s nothing worse than a smug successful person. Be open to people and ideas, listen to others and be kind. Respect everybody and help them overcome their fears and insecurities. Because once, not so long ago, you were a small and insecure person yourself.


Chase Bank Jobs


The JPMorgan Chase bank would be the collaborated version inside the Chase Manhattan bank, National bank of Detroit, Bear Stearns, Excellent Western bank, Providian financial, Washington Mutual, Very first Chicago bank, Bank one in addition to the Texas Commerce bank with JP Morgan & Co. This association came into being in 2008 in addition to the activities of this leading global bank will always be par excellence.

Establishing itself as the oldest and most reliable financial firms these days with presence in around 60 countries in the world today the JPMorgan bank could be the dream employer for any individual planning to succeed in the banking sector.

The brand “JPMorgan”is however available to the segment with the bank casually Private Wealth Management, Treasury and Security services, Private Banking, Asset Management along with other such related activities undertaken through the bank. The brand “Chase” alternatively can be used with the commercial pursuits like retail banking, promoting the cardboard services in America and Canada as well as commercial banking. The Chase Bank Jobs is going to be in accordance with this division plus the openings are regularly advertised. The prospects of growth are huge plus the excellent backing provided goes quite a distance. Chase Bank Jobs nurture the potential for somebody and reveal the most beneficial included.

The lending company has provided high standards of banking and other financial assistance for any huge base of consumers who recognize the JPMorgan Chase since the most established name in the field of banking today. The these Jobs have mainly targeted the candidates with good educational background excellent interpersonal and also verbal skills with the post of Customer satisfaction executives who take care of absolutely free themes each and every day. Your banker have been named because the top in the field possesses also won many prestigious awards. The laurels which the bank has received are certainly not without competition plus the boat load of dedication placed in it truly is remarkable. Having an astounding customer base to boast of the Chase banks offer many jobs in all fields along with the range of facilities being offered tend to be more than you can look for. The facilities and services serve a large market in addition to the Chase bank needs potential candidates.

The Waters Magazine named the bank because Best lawn mowers of Investor services. The prize for Best Liquidity Solution Provider by Asset, Best Global custodian by Asian Investor and especially the position in Top Best Places to launch work by Business Week Magazine are under its kitty. The Chase Bank Jobs can be a huge spot for growth certainly along with the vacancies has to be regularly checked for on its websites.

Many sectors that can come beneath the Chase bank, offer fantastic prospects for freshers plus the experienced candidates and also the jobs are good with higher pay. The increments and perks obtainable in Chase Bank Jobs are definitely attractive as well as the main thing may be the work culture. The competitive atmosphere could be the right position for somebody to start a job. The Chase banks made its employees grow into success every possible way along with the effort is very satisfying.


Finding 100K Jobs


For finding 100K jobs, the search engines are your best bet as they can provide you with a wide array of results. It is the latest and non conventional way of checking out jobs compared to the age old newspapers and magazine ads against which you sent your resumes. You can straight away get results for only jobs in the 100K category and nothing else. It is a search that is done the other way round and ensures the results are more spot-on.

Resume turns into a live document with specialized search

There are endless possibilities on the internet these days and it is easy to find the job of your choice even if they are jobs in 100K category. The reason why you should opt for specialized search engines is that your resume gets automatically turned into a live document. Visibility of your resume is ensured and there are more eyeballs checking your resume than with other alternative mediums.

With this feature, finding 100K jobs become far easier than ever before. The process is altogether very simple and you don’t have to bother about getting them on to places for more visibility with your own effort.

With the help of specialized search engines tailored for 100K employment, your resume and you as a prospective candidate are presented as a brand. To get employment in 100K jobs, you would have to pay a small amount to the specialized search engines.

But this small amount is nothing compared to the specialized search for 100K employment that you can automatically benefit from. If you can back up your supplication with the required qualifications and experience, you can also become far choosier. There could be hundreds of options, but you can always pick and choose the one that is best suited for you in the $100,000 job category.

Tough competition

It is best to think beyond the little green pieces of paper if you are looking for a job in this category. You can pick from any field depending upon your expertise and skills. There are jobs in architecture, business management, engineering and consultancy jobs, healthcare and many more in this 100K category. Instead of relying only on recruiters or fee based searches, you can just look for $100,000 jobs without any fuss.

With a surge in competition, your search may not be easy and getting a job with a grand salary like the one you are looking for may not be an easy deal. With the blowback of the recession there are few jobs that you can pick and choose. Instead, your best bet would be to grab whatever you can lay your hands on. No matter how good you may be, there is always a chance that there could be also someone even better applying for 100K jobs.