Balancing Family and Work


You strive to be a good parent, to be available for your children when they need you. And you try to spend an adequate amount of time with them. You also enjoy your work and strive to be a productive, well-regarded employee (not to mention that your family needs the money). You know you must maintain some sort of balance between your work life and family life, even though at times this seems an impossible task.

Over the last ten years, the working world has changed. Women and men now have more options in how, when and where they work. Let’s explore some of these work options. Maybe one of them can better your current work-family situation.


Full-time employment used to mean working eight hours a day for five days per week. Full-time employment now includes any work over 32 hours per week, no matter how many days it is divided over, or where the location of the employment is.

One newer type of full-time employment is flextime. According to HR Magazine, the magazine of the Society for Human Resource Management, flextime “allows employees to take advantage of a range of starting and ending times for the workday.” Some companies give employees the option of starting anywhere from 6:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. and of leaving eight and one half-hours later. Often with flextime there is a rule that all workers must be present between a core group of hours, such as 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Another full-time work option is the compressed workweek, which HR Magazine defines as allowing “employees to condense their work week into fewer days. This is often done in what is called a ‘4-10’ configuration of four 10-hour days each week; another common compression scheme is the 5-4/9 (nine 9-hour days over the course of ten work days.”

The third non-traditional full-time work arrangement is telecommuting, which HR Magazine describes as employees working “at home or some other decentralized location during part or all of their scheduled hours.” New technologies have made telecommuting a popular option for companies and employees, though some occupations will never permit telecommuting.


If full-time work seems to take too much time away from your family, perhaps you are considering part-time employment. Once again, there are many options.

One type of part-time employment is permanent part-time, which HR Magazine defines as “steady part-time employment, usually for a set number and configuration of hours each week,” usually under 30 hours. Permanent part-time may mean working five days a week for six hours or less a day, or may mean working two or three full (8-hour) days a week.

Another type of part-time employment is job sharing, which HR Magazine defines as “an option that allows two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. This option is often available when a company wishes to keep a valued employee who seeks reduced hours but holds a job requiring full-time coverage.” For professionals, job sharing can be an attractive work option for keeping on the career track while spending more time with family or pursuing more education. But to get job sharing to be a positive experience for the company and the job-sharing employees, both people need excellent communications skills and a teamwork attitude.

The two other types of part-time work include contract workers and phased or partial retirement. Contract workers are hired either full or part time on a temporary or as needed basis, either for a particular project or during a rush season. Local department stores hire seasonal, part-time employees, especially during the winter holiday season.

Phased or partial retirement part-time is when “an employee about to retire cuts back his or her hours to part-time. When retirement is phased, the hours are reduced according to a formula over a set period of time. Partial retirement, on the other hand, resembles permanent part-time employment,” according to HR Magazine. Both partial and phased retirement can start out as job shares, with a former full-time employee training the job sharer to possibly eventually take over the position.

When thinking about your employment situation, keep these thoughts in mind:

· More time at home doesn’t necessarily mean your kids will spend more time with you.

· Only you know what amounts to an adequate balance between home and work.

· There is no “right” amount of time to spend with your children, beyond “some” quality time each day, where you continue to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company–where you learn together.

· Only you know if your children need more time with you, and if you can afford to live on less money.

So the next time the baby pulls on your pantyhose, think of your options and then exercise what is most appropriate for you.


Magazines – Your Faithful Friends


People these days are completely unreliable. At one moment, you feel as though you have it all – a great job, a loving family and friends who care for you. The next moment, it all feels like a sham. And we really cannot blame anyone for this. It is just the way the world is now. There are far too many things in the world that are happening, and each person is just too busy with his or her own life. Thus, it is unfair to expect that people would be available for you at any given time of the day when you happen to be free. But if you do have a free hour, and would like to do something with that hour, then just pick a  magazine .  Magazines  were, and always will be, a lone person’s best companions.

Better Value for Money

You can choose any one or more from several that are available these days. Since  magazines  today are facing a lot of competition from unexpected products, the companies which publish them are working very hard to make them a better value proposition. People these days prefer to use their free time updating their status messages on various social networking websites through their mobile phones. But nothing could ever beat the pleasure of reading a  magazine . The biggest advantage of it is that it gives you a complete package.


For example, if you are interested in sports, then you can pick a sports  magazine  which will cover all kinds of sporting events around the world. The pictures included are of extremely good quality, and the whole reading experience is much more pleasurable when you have the full scale view of it, rather than a tiny window on your mobile, where you have to spend ages in scrolling from end to end, and then in waiting for the pages to load. You can read these when you are alone at home, and just want to spend a lazy afternoon looking up on areas and stuff which you really like.

Niche Areas

These days, there are several of such products available in every possible area of interest. While areas like business, world news, sports, health and lifestyle are common, these days there are some companies which publish stuff specifically for a particular niche area. Thus, you will be able to find a  magazine  on cooking, home decoration, interior decoration, finance, stocks, and much more. In fact, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can even find a journal, which talks about your favourite sport in particular. Reading these would certainly be a wonderful way of spending your time, as you will never get bored, and you will be able to gain some knowledge too at the same time.


Anna Wintour – Influential Magazine Editor


Through her 30+career in  magazine  publishing, Wintour has developed a reputation for being distant and cold. It has been said that she a demanding boss and is difficult to work for, an opinion Wintour doesn’t exactly deny. In 2003, Lauren Weisberger, one of Anna Wintour’s former assistants published the book The Devil Wears Prada, based on her experience working at Vogue  magazine . The book was made into a movie in 2006 and Anna Wintour made celebrity  magazine  and fashion  magazine  headlines when she showed up to the premiere wearing Prada.

In August 2009, Anna Wintour along with the creation of the September 2007 issue of Vogue  magazine  were the subjects of the documentary, “The September Issue.” The documentary shows, for the first time, the demanding work required to produce an issue of Vogue  magazine .

Forbes  magazine  recently reported that though the documentary is touted as “the real Devil Wears Prada,” that “Wintour mostly is portrayed as a professional and a perfectionist with a well-defined vision and an inferiority complex that becomes apparent when she admiringly talks about her three siblings who consider her profession “amusing”; Wintour’s sister, for example, lobbies for farmers’ rights in Latin America.”

Anna Wintour was born in 1949, in London, England, to newspaper editor Charles Wintour and his wife, philanthropist Elinor Wintour. As a teenager, Wintour dropped out of school and instead pursued a life that revolved around the chic London life of the 1960s, frequenting the same London clubs of pop culture’s biggest celebrities and musicians like The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Before Vogue  magazine , Anna Wintour started out in the fashion department of Harper’s & Queen in London. Over the years, she climbed the editorial ladder and bounced from  magazine  to  magazine  between New York and London. In 1976, she moved to New York and took over as fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar  magazine . With a stop at Viva  magazine  after Harper’s Bazaar in between, Anna Wintour took a  job  with New York  magazine  in 1981. From the start, Wintour was driven and had her own sense of style and direction. In 1986, she returned to London as top editor of publisher Condé Nast’s British Vogue  magazine .

It’s at British Vogue that Wintour’s cold demeanor earned her a few memorable nicknames: “Nuclear Wintour” and “Wintour of Our Discontent.” In 1987 she went onto another Condé Nast  magazine , Home and Garden, where she abruptly changed the  magazine’s  title to HG.

Though subordinates grumbled about Wintour’s management style, Condé Nast’s top executives clearly supported her decisions; she earned a reported salary of more than $200,000 plus a $25,000 annual allowance for clothes and other perks.

In 1988 Anna Wintour left HG  magazine  and became editor-in-chief of Vogue  magazine  with one goal: reinstate Vogue  magazine  as the fashion authority. At the time of her arrival, Vogue  magazine  was losing ground to a three-year-old upstart, Elle  magazine , which had already reached a paid circulation of 850,000. Vogue’s subscriber base meanwhile, was a motionless 1.2 million.

In her more than two decades at Vogue  magazine , Wintour has more than accomplished her goal. She successfully restored Vogue’s supremacy and today the  magazine  enjoys the nickname of the “fashion bible.”

For all her critics, Anna Wintour has made many influential decisions that affect the  magazine  industry at large. She popularized putting celebrities instead of supermodels on  magazine  covers; she mixed low-end fashion pieces with expensive pieces in her photo shoots; she championed unknown fashion designers, making the careers of Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.

While Anna Wintour has garnered much attention for her distant demeanor and contributions to the fashion world, many are unaware of her commitment to philanthropy. Some of her generosity includes raising money for the Twin Towers fund after the September 11th terror attacks and with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, she helped create a new fund to encourage and support up-and-coming designers. Each year, she also organizes a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume department, which over the years has brought in some $50 million. This event attracts many celebrities and is covered relentlessly in fashion, society and celebrity  magazines .

As for her personal life, she and husband David Shaffer divorced in 1999. The couple has two children together, Charles and Katherine. Currently, Anna Wintour maintains a relationship with investor Shelby Bryan.


The New Art Magazine: Artists and Their Websites


With the number of slick art  magazines  on the stands today, it’s easy for your work to get washed away in the homogeneous art school world. It’s not easy to be truly original and yet still make your mark. With your own website to showcase your art, you don’t have to deal with the trendy cliques that make up both the ‘legitimate’ art world as well as the ‘underground’ art world.

Here are just a few things you can do with your art website through a reputable web host:

  • Show samples of your work. Or show everything you’ve ever done, starting with preschool finger painting. A few digital photographs of your work, whether you specialize in beadwork, painting, weaving, sculpture, or origami, is all you need to create an online portfolio.
  • Showcase different styles. An issue that many artists come across is the need for the world to pinhole you into one particular style or discipline. With your website, you can designate a different page of your website to the different artistic techniques that you enjoy.
  • List hours and services and prices. Are your services for sale? Do you have paintings or prints, mini versions of your most popular sculptures, or blankets that you have made? If you have something to offer, let people know. There’s no reason that you should be slaving away at some 9-5 job when you could be paying the rent through your art. However, if your 9-5 position is important to you, be sure to list on your site that you’re only available to paint portraits at night and on the weekends.
  • Special deals or discounts. Though you will list your prices on the services page, you may offer a discount or a special deal to those who make multiple purchases across your various disciplines, come back often, or refer other customers to your work. If so, this is the place to outline the details.
  • Offer a subscription service. If your art is small and something you turn out by the hundreds every month whether or not someone is waiting on the other end, waiting to take them off your hands, then a subscription service may be an idea for you to consider. For example, a ‘Scarf of the Month’ club for knitters or ‘Flash Art of the Month’ for those who draw tattoos or other graphics. Giving people a reason to come back will not only increase your exposure but help you to create a budget that you can depend on.
  • Commission order forms. Whether someone wants to specify the yarn, weight, density, size, color, and pattern for a tapestry or if they have some vague idea that perhaps they’d like to get a painting for their brother, it’s easy to design an order form for your art website that will help you understand what exactly it is that they want from you.
  • Contact info. Include everything from your cell phone to your email address. They already have your website address, but list it here anyway, in case they copy and paste their information.
  • Art newsletter. Whether you focus just on what’s new with you and what new services you have to offer including where you’ll be showing next and new discounts you have to offer or instead write a newsletter on the history, news events, and interesting facts about the type of art you’re interested in, an art newsletter is a great way to remind people who you are and how to find you.
  • Part of the community. Offering a link page to fellow artists, framers, and art supply stores may not only earn you a few link-backs on their pages but will make you a source of information in the art community worth book marking.

Above all, be creative when designing your art website through your web host. You will sell yourself and your style through example rather than words alone.


The Best Magazine Themes for You


The power of WordPress is not limited to a general article sites and the like. With some tweaks, it can be used to successfully create a  magazine  and/or newspaper website too. As you must know, everything written in print now has an online equivalent. By now you must be itching to know what the best  magazine  themes are for your website. Read this article to find out.

You don’t have to rely on templates in order to create a good online  magazine  site. With the sales of offline  magazines  declining, online  magazines  seem to take over. You can use the layout of a big selling  magazine  to create your own website. If trained, you may do this yourself; but if you do not know what WordPress is, then it’s better to hire web designers to the job for you.

There are two online  magazines  known today: the photo and the text.

Photo  magazines  are archives of people who love photography. Some sites are private, meaning only the admin can add content; while others accept submissions from anyone. Most of these sites use jQuery to make it easier for the guest to browse through the photos. One of the best  magazine  themes under this category is the Photoland theme.

 Magazine  sites that invest on the quality of their written content are also abundant. However, too much text with little or no photos can be a bore. There has to be a balance between the two. That is why ways have been made to make publishing online content easy. Moreover, built-in SEO options as well as social buttons can be included in the design. One the most sought-after best  magazine  themes Bold Theme; this theme works well for online newspapers too.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to copy these themes down to the tiniest detail. Use your creativity by utilizing all the resources that you have available – including your budget. Coordinate with your web designer to come up with the best  magazine  themes for your website(s).

If you prefer to have a hybrid between a photoblog and the traditional blogs, you may do so too. This can be achieved by creating tabs instead of sticking with the one to two paged website. Be sure that if you use borrowed pictures that you properly pay for copyright and that you have the owner’s permission too. The best  magazine  themes do not necessarily mean one that demands awards; it should be one that exceeds your expectations too.


Make Magazine Racks on Your Own


Different styles of racks

Almost all the racks come with a different design and a personality of their own. You have a choice of diverse kinds of racks, which you can use, in kid’s rooms or even for teens and adults. You can even attach wheels to the racks to make them movable. In this way, you can change their position whenever you want. The very basic shape of a  Magazine  Holder is a stand with two sides along with a center rack for holding the literature. If you want to make a  Magazine  Rack on your own, then you can use wood for making the rack. This is the easiest way of doing this job.

Steps to make a rack

You should first determine the width and the height of sidepieces. A good way is sketching your design and marking the width, height as well as the depth of shelves of the rack. If you want to add decorative features, then you can mark them as well. They come with a style statement of their own, and these racks will add to the glamour of your modern home. The varieties of wall mount  Magazine  Holders accessible out there can practically fit in any kind of home. A very big advantage of wall-mount style of racks is that you can put them up anywhere in your home. However, you should make sure that you choose a feasible location for the rack.

Try to cut the wood in the basic square and then shape them afterwards. Join the backside of the holder to the sides with the help of small nails. Then drill little holes for the dowels and then connect the shelving from the bottom shelf first. Finally, you can paint or decorate your rack and use it wherever you want. You just need some tools and a hard material to make a long lasting holder. Wooden  Magazine  Racks can also be purchased from the market, but for them you will have to shell out some extra money.

Racks for office use

If you want these holders for using in your office, then make sure that their capacity is enough to store all the important documents and files. You can opt for file holder wooden racks in such a situation. There are wall-mounting options for such file holders as well. These racks come with many pockets and are obtainable in many different sizes. These racks help you to keep your business literature in an organized manner. Some of the other varieties include wall mount, multiple standing, portable sized and desktop  Magazine  Holders. These also put forward compartmentalized and appealing display for your literature.


Find Out the Best Magazine Printing Solutions


When you need to search for alternatives to reach higher market exposure, magazines are a good form of media, they can reach audiences better. They are more geared to lifestyle compared to other forms of printed materials. This can be used for business purposes; it can easily provide your clients with constant flow of top-notch illustrations and content.

The printing methods are simply more convenient these days. You can be well off searching an online printer as they can have many benefits to your business. They can eliminate costly production and other troubles in producing your magazines.

Magazines are one of the best casually read printing materials; they can be produced with a credible online printer. You can select the best print provider by comparing their services from others. Here are some of the ways you can get the best printing solutions at the comfort of your desktop;

Formulate your ideas. From starting off, get a checklist to provide your business with your target result. Visualize your ideas by forming a conceptual framework of the project and its goal; from there you can get a good flow of ideas to fuel your printing project.

Research is needed to make sure you get the best solutions. From selecting the designs to the selection of a printer will be maximized with research, this will allow you to see the better point of deals. This can also affect the cost of the project as well as the ideal results. Invest on time to find the best; don’t skimp on any attribute to ensure your magazine printing project won’t go to be wasted.

Formulate the essential contents of your magazine. You can choose which needs to be included. From having to consult professionals, other inputs, and references to get the job done; this can effortlessly go to production phase without having to exert additional efforts.

A credible printer can have the best exceptional service. From the equipment used, highly trained staffs, comprehensive services, ease of navigation on their site and flexible payment options are the things you need to look out for in a good and quality oriented print site, this will ensure you of quality results and the fastest turnaround time.

Upon selection of your desired printer, you can easily make use of their services, from having to use the pre-production tools such as free samples, free rate quote and file reviews. They can be beneficial to get the right pricing as well as making sure the quality will not be compromised when you compare their samples. There are a lot of specific options you need to fill out, usually they have a streamlined website to cater to your needs, and this allows you to easily get the right requirements.

With other details on your project, you can easily modify them before the production phase; just make sure you eliminate all errors before going through the final template. Once you have finished on this step, you can always rest easy as they can easily produce them in a timely manner. Another benefit of online printing is eliminating the effort to travel. Your materials will be delivered right at your doorstep. With a little investment on research, your magazine printing experience can be maximized. This will allow you to achieve better results and the best gratification on your project.


Austin is Forbes Magazine’s #1!


Why isn’t Forbes  magazine  moving it’s business to Austin? Forbes says its #1 in America! It’s got beautiful scenery, great recreational choices, a healthy realty market and a slick city attitude. And, as if anyone needed confirmation, Forbes  magazine  has now ranked Austin in the top three of each of its three ‘best in America’ categories.

Forbes  magazine  is considered by many to be America’s #1  magazine  for business, stocks, finance, lifestyle, technology and much more. When they compiled their 2008 rankings of ‘Best Places for Business and Careers’ this year, they slightly expanded their criteria to include certain other qualities of each area analyzed.

This is where Austin scored and all the facets of the survey contributed to Austin being the # 1of all America, in this category. When taking all aspects into account, income and job growth were still ranked first, but the analysis was expanded to include the whole business atmosphere.

Forbes reportedly gave special attention to the cost of doing business in the cities analyzed. This included the price of office space, labor, taxes and energy. The analysis not only explored the realizable pool of labor, but also investigated the quality and qualifications of the available pool of labor.

The rankings also calculated social characteristics which would make the region more attractive, such as crime rates, housing costs and net migration.

Austin came up as number one! Of course, in Austin this is no surprise, but it is still a feather in the cap to be recognized as the number one nationwide in the revered Forbes  magazine .

One of the many reasons given for this ranking is attributed to the University of Texas. Each year the University enrolls close to 50,000 students and 25% of these enroll in graduate and professional degree programs. This results in the available labor pool being supplied with top notch college grads, many with Ph.D. s.

The other two surveys, in which Austin came in second and third would also have helped to contribute to the number one ranking in ‘Best Places For Business and Careers’.

Austin came in at #2 for job growth and at #3 in the ‘Best Cities for Jobs’ ratings. Austin ranks third in the country for net migration; the figures for migration into Austin are quoted as 2.7% per year.

All these factors also contribute to elevating the allure of the Austin housing market, which is named as one of the few in the country predicted to rise in the next two years.

This was reported in a survey compiled by Private Mortgage Insurers, which dammed many areas into an 80% chance of realty decline, whilst analyzing Austin as having less than a one per cent chance.

All these indicators point to Austin as being amongst the best places to live and work in the United States; looks like the secret is out!


Freelance Editing Jobs From Home – Yes, You Can Get Paid to Read Books, Ads and Magazines!


With more and more jobs disappearing overseas and with a struggling economy, many people are searching for legitimate ways to make extra money online. If you enjoy reading and can easily spot mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation -you may have what it takes to make money with freelance editing jobs from home.

Freelance editing is fun and rewarding work and it pays fairly well too. Many freelance editing jobs pay at least $5.00 per page and some as much as $15.00 per page. If the author or publisher is in a hurry, they may ask for expedited service and be willing to pay you much more.

The important things to remember when editing as a freelance, is that the work that you are editing is not your own. It does not matter if you agree with the author’s point of view -or even if you think the author is telling the truth. As a freelance editor, your only concern is the written word. You are only looking for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Anything else is the author’s problem.

Try and think of freelance editing as a service. You are providing a valuable service that will make that author’s work more polished and professional. Many writers hurry through their work because they are filled with inspiration and cannot take the time to carefully proofread what they have written. -That’s where you come in.

As a professional freelance editor, you have the time and talent to clean up the author’s inspiration and help him or her get their work published out into the mainstream. Without your talent, many authors would never find success because their work was unreadable or filled with so many mistakes that they could not be taken seriously.

Working as a freelance editor from home can be a satisfying way to make money legitimately online. You are providing a professional service to authors and publishers that need your talent and expertise. Reading books, advertisements and magazines is enjoyable for you -and now it can be profitable too.

For more information about this and other legitimate online money-making opportunities, please visit to link to my website below. Freelance editing jobs are just one of the many legitimate business opportunities that are available to you online. Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more?


What Media Sales Jobs Are Online Right Now?


This article will bring some interesting media sales jobs to your attention. They may not be exactly what you are looking for, but you never know they could point you in the right direction. You might discover an area of media sales that you hadn’t previously considered or been made aware of. So take a look at the jobs below and remember to keep an open mind!

Online Sales Executive

This job would be suitable for someone who is interested in online media and has some solid sales experience. It is located in Hertfordshire and has a good basic salary.

Senior Sales Professional

If you want to apply for this position then you must have worked in the media industry for a fair amount of time. You will also have to be able to demonstrate your sales skills and have a brilliant sales track record.

Magazine Advertising Sales

If you have a passion for the magazine industry then maybe this job could be right for you. If you really want to work in the magazine industry and don’t have much experience then you might want to consider applying for a more junior role initially.

PPC Sales

This is a really interesting role that has come as a result of the rise of Google and other search engines. If you enjoy working in the digital sphere and have worked on pay per click projects then you will have a good chance of getting this role.

Television Sales

This is a very popular part of the media sales arena and many people enjoy the excitement of selling television advertising space.

Hopefully some of the roles outlined above are different to what you find when looking for sales jobs in the media industry. It certainly requires a high level of skill and determination to become a good salesperson and once you have reached this level you should be awarded with an interesting job.

The best way to find the perfect job is to do enough research before you start searching online. Think about your media sales experience and decide which area you want to specialise in. The internet has provided lots of new opportunities in media sales and you should make the most of the choice available.