All About Online Freelance Writing


Online freelance writing is a very convenient income-generating option, for both professional and budding writers alike. Dealing with writer’s block for one is easier as online freelance writing offers every one the flexibility of writing at his or her own pace and time.

Searching however for credible online freelance writing can be quite tricky as there are scams out there. In order to ensure that you are looking in the right places, the following tips should be considered:

1. Apply for membership to writers’ forums and online clubs. Not only will you get helpful writing tips from fellow writers but will also get important leads to writing jobs. This is because some forums and websites post ads looking for fellow writers. In addition, it is more likely that the projects are credible since you are dealing with fellow writers. Creating a network of writers will also prove beneficial in the future.

2. Check out popular sites for online freelance writing. A Google search of vital key words such as “online writing” “online freelance writing” and “writing jobs” usually leads to the most popular ones. These sites are usually devoted to posting advertisements for numerous online writing jobs in addition to providing tons of resources related to writing. Keep in mind though to double check before accepting projects. In addition, some of the sites also allow you to post your original articles of which you will get paid every time it sells. These sites are also perfect for building up your portfolio. A portfolio is important for prospective employers when looking for writers.

3. Check out the job bank sites. Some of the job search banks and websites post openings for online freelance writing and other writing jobs. As competition for online freelance writing can be quite tough owing to its increasing popularity, it is wise to have them bookmarked. Check them often as jobs could come and go in a flash. Applying early will give you an advantage. Make sure to have your resume and writing portfolio always on hand.

4. Subscribe to e-magazines. To give you an idea on the e-magazines, search for them online. Some e-magazine subscriptions are for free, if not, are only for a minimal fee. Just like some of the sources mentioned above, e-magazines offer excellent tips and resources for writers on online freelance writing. In addition, they have regular job postings for writers. Contributions to e-magazines are sometimes paid. And even if contributions are not paid, your efforts are not lost because your contributions will be part of your portfolio which can be accessed by prospective employers on the lookout for online freelance writers.

Remember, the Internet can be quite a “jungle”. If you do not know where to look and where to go, you can easily get lost. Be persistent and be patient. There is definitely an online freelance writing job for you.


Commercial Print Modeling Vs Editorial Print Modeling


When you think or hear of the word “commercial” in regards to the modeling industry, there are a few variations of the meaning, but in the most practical form regarding “print” photography think of the word “promote”. The model’s job is to be photographed “promoting” a product or service in a print ad (for example… in magazines, brochures, newspapers, catalogues, etc.). There are numerous opportunities for COMMERCIAL PRINT MODELS that exist all over the United States and internationally. The ad may range from the smallest business promoting its’ livelihood all the way to large corporations who can afford their own advertising agencies to handle marketing campaigns.

Commercial Print Modeling is very different from Editorial Print Modeling. Remember that an “editorial” is a magazine fashion “story” of the trend that is happening at that particular moment, not a specific advertisement for any one company, even though you will see multiple credits cited in small print of the stores and designers of the featured garments and accessories. Some ads that you may see in magazines may be elaborately spread out and photographed in an “editorial-style”, but it is ultimately a “commercial” ad if it is promoting one company name. It makes a nifty, high fashion looking ad, though, because that is the style ad that they are marketing to their specific consumers.

Usually, though, the editorial model and their style of modeling don’t represent the particular looks that can be marketed to a large group of average, “every-day” consumers (a.k.a. the people who buy). Consumers buy from ads that they can relate to or strive to achieve. This is where a commercial model may have a wonderful chance of success because their image is a part of the marketing process that sells to the consumer. They represent a highly approachable and marketable look. So, for whatever product they are promoting their look can vary dependent upon what product or service is being advertised to the consumer. That means the door is open to many different types and sizes of models. Take note, that there are actually some editorial fashion models that are able to cross over from editorial modeling into the diverse commercial advertising side. That’s so ideal for a career model who wants longevity. The commercial model doesn’t usually have just one look even though there may be one special look that gets them hired over and over.

This is where the terminology variations form and can cause confusion to whether a model is considered an editorial-type or commercial-type of model. Remember the prestige title? It’s placed on editorial models, but there is something wonderful to be said for being a successful working commercial model, too. “Commercial” is a term that the general public thinks of as ads that they see on television or hear on the radio. The terminology used by an advertising agency versus a modeling agency when referring to “commercial” has different degrees of meanings, too, depending on how they interpret the booking.

Being in a television commercial is one type of opportunity that can use commercial models, but it’s “NOT” why they are called commercial models. For the purposes of a commercial type of model, the doors are open for almost anyone who has the skills of being either photogenic for photographs or having the right personality and approachable looks for promoting a product. The range of model can vary from being very outwardly attractive all the way to people who possess a great “character” face and /or personality (a.k.a. character model). Fashion does have its place for commercial models (a.k.a. commercial fashion models) by selling the garments or accessories that are being advertised in catalogues, showrooms, and certain ads in magazines (not the editorial stories).

The context of explaining where the “commercial model” terms are used may vary depending on whom is referring to the booking… an Advertising Agency, a Commercial Modeling Agency, or a “specialized” Editorial Fashion Agency. Advertising Agencies (a.k.a. Ad Agencies) are hired on behalf of a company who wants their product or service promoted. Ad agencies will overall take charge of how the product or service will be promoted and will usually take care of hiring all of the personnel needed to complete the job such as photographers and models, too. If the campaign is something to promote a “fashion” product, then the “ad” agency refers to this as a “fashion” job. This is where the slight confusion of terms is just a technicality. An “Editorial ” modeling agency does not refer to such “fashion” work as “editorial” and will likely view the ad as commercial. So, here you have the advertising agency’s viewpoint booking a “fashion model”, but perhaps the modeling agency refers to what the ad agency is booking in terms of a commercial model. Ultimately, someone is used, so congrats to whatever type of model gets the job. Commercial Fashion Print bookings for models represent a lot of work around the world, too, as well as the high fashion modeling. The demand for catalog models varies from city to city just as the prestige of work does.

Even though “Prestige” is usually a term that is used for the editorial model bookings, there is a rare level of “exception” for the commercial models who are working for the “big” clients in fashion, too. Upscale catalogues, beauty clients, fashion clients, and department stores using the “combination” fashion and commercial models for their print work offer opportunities, too, that is different from the fashion editorial stories. It’s all about high-end advertising! There are some rare, “dual-type” models that can be in possibly the same types of magazines for their “commercial” fashion ad that their “editorial” fashion story would be in. These companies want to showcase their product and company name with a great deal of effective, up-scale representation, so the bottom line is “investing” in their ability to make money. Booking models is an investment of their money that they pay the ad agency (or modeling agency) directly, so the ability to have the right model representing the company’s “look” to their market that they are trying to reach is essential. The “prestige” in a commercial fashion print opportunity is usually associated with either the upscale client, usage of photographs, or the amount of money paid to the commercial model.

Commercial print models appear in magazine ads, newspapers, newspaper fliers/inserts, brochures, school text books, catalogues, billboards, Internet ads, hang tags, food packaging, and numerous other product pictures (too many to list all). We mentioned earlier that there is flexibility in the model’s appearance and even size. The requirements aren’t as strict as the editorial fashion model regarding height, weight, and body measurements, but the model hired for a commercial print job is required to fill the shoes of whatever “character” that they have been hired to portray in front of the camera. The character is usually booked according to the model that suits the role closest such as “young mom”, “middle-aged pilot”, “corporate executive”, “young nurse”, “college student”, etc. The company or advertising agency has its own idea of how they want their product or service represented, so the model must “look” and “project” the part to the client and photographer. This involves acting. The younger model is unlikely an experienced or trained actor, but modeling is a version of role-playing, so acting is a personal trait that can improve the model’s ability to get into character. Actors compete for these jobs, as well, in commercial print, so it’s not just for career models. Everyone wants the work. Commercial print modeling may or may not be a full-time career choice as compared to the editorial fashion model’s often hectic schedule.

Flexibility in a model’s availability is also a key requirement to getting the work when jobs are available, too. Some bookings are literally made at the “last minute” when clients need someone a.s.a.p. for “whatever” reason they may find (a model never showed up, a model needs to be replaced, etc.) There are often a team of people relying on “everyone” to do their job and show up on time. Time is something that is paid for and a model should never assume that being even five to fifteen minutes late is acceptable. This is not a social situation, but rather a professional, paying job. Being a little early is well worth the experience of not frustrating a team of creative individuals and allowing you some breathing time to get into character! Being on time shouldn’t be considered as showing up at the exact moment that the job is officially starting. It is implied that you should know to be a little early to catch yourself up with any required information, extra preparation, or updates to what is going on for that booking. Your mind should be open to whatever character that you will be portraying and how you may best show whatever product or implied service via your poses and any props.

Clothing may not always be provided by the client…surprise! You don’t want to find that out too late, either! This is part of the commercial modeling industry where you may provide the “props” such as clothing, shoes, eye glasses, jewelry, etc. You may even be required to put on your own make-up and do your own hairstyle. It’s not as glamorous as the general public perceives, huh? It all depends on the budget of the client, so you must be aware of this BEFORE you show up for the booking. Always get as much information from the agency when booking your schedule about any special considerations. It never hurts to check up on a potential client before a go-see, either, to learn what it is that they do if you are unfamiliar with them. Whatever gives you information that can help you get the job or be prepared to do the job even better is smart. (a.k.a. “a smart model”)


Jobs For 13 Year Olds


Many people say that looking for jobs for 13 year olds is very difficult. Trying to find jobs for 13 year olds these days is next to impossible considering that they are just not old enough to work at chain stores and in general workplaces.

They can do the more traditional Baby sitting, Paper route, Dog walking, Grocery store, Lemonade stand, Paint House number on street curb, House sitting, City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs, Vacation and Tourism spots, Hotels/Resorts, Parks and recreational areas, Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities, Day and summer camps, Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks, Museums, Zoos and Aquariums, Airport concession firms, Childcare and Eldercare providers, Health care facilities, Business services (including), Moving and packing companies, Pool and spa companies, Lawn care and other maintenance companies, Construction companies, Movie theaters, Fast food and restaurant establishments, Ice cream parlors, juice bars, Clothing and accessory stores, Newspaper / Magazine Distribution. But this type of work takes up a lot of their social time and pay’s very little for the inconvenience of it all.

So what can they do about it?

Taking a survey is an extremely simple thing to do as it is basically just clicking check boxes or filling in information where required. On completion of the survey the money is transferred to their account and they move on to the next survey. You won’t make millions filling out surveys but it’s an easy job for 13 year olds to make some quick cash. Companies will pay you to fill out brief surveys, try their products, and even read emails. You can easily make some dollars a week for a couple hours of “work”. And the best part is kids as young as 13 years old can sign up with parent permission.

But here’s a warning Set up a separate email account because you’ll start getting an avalanche of Spam. And remember, you should never have to pay to sign up. Or else it’s a Scam and you’re being ripped off.


A Review Of Home Business Magazine


Every day, new businesses are introduced to the Internet. The business owner believes that he or she will make a million dollars by producing the type of product or service that they believe everyone will want or need. Statistically, just as many businesses fail because the owners do not have the know how to stay afloat on the Internet. There is a lot of information for the novice who wants to start an online business, however, one of the best resources is home-based business  magazine .

It is loaded with useful information including, marketing, management, money and business start-ups. It is the premier publication covering every facet of the growing and dynamic home-based business market. Home Business  Magazine  is a free monthly e-magazine delivered in PDF format.

It is a premier publication for the growing and dynamic home-based business market.

It is edited to cover various facets of the growing and dynamic four hundreds and twenty five billion dollar a year home-based business market.

Home Business  Magazine  is not however, the best publication to advertise if you are trying to reach fashion-conscious women. It is a premier publication for both new and experienced home-based entrepreneurs. It is the premier publication for growing and dynamic $1 trillion home-based business.

Home Business  Magazine  provides cutting edge editorial that helps readers choose. It is geared towards the growing and evolving home-based business market. The Online version offers home-based business information for home-office owners, including articles on telecommuting, home office set-up, sales and marketing, management advice, computers, business opportunities, franchising, network.

Starting a new business can be very rocky. When you start it on the Internet, is can be very confusing. You need all of the resources that you can find to insure that you will be successful. Home Business  Magazine  is an excellent resource because it can advise you on so many different business matters and options that are critical to your success. It is important that you understand that you do not have to go it alone; there are people there to assist you in all aspects of your business.


Online Job Examples Work From Home


More and more people are choosing to work from home rather than in a traditional office setting. These individuals are reaping the benefits of more flexible hours and workloads, allowing them to spend more time with their families and doing what they enjoy. Today, there are several options on the Internet for those people interested in working from home in a variety of job fields and industries.

Some of the most popular and successful work-at-home jobs for unskilled and common workers are survey completion, research, price shopping, and responding to e-mails. For those individuals with more skills the jobs are even better and more plentiful. The most prevalent jobs are found in transcription, writing and design, computer programming, counseling, translating, and crafting. It is beneficial to obtain certification or career training in order to make more money and get better jobs.

One of the biggest concerns for individuals looking for work online is scam artists who try to get people to buy materials and other supplies with promises of better pay and good jobs. To avoid these types of scams, it is a good idea to never agree to pay for a service unless it is accredited by a well-known organization, preferably by the Better Business Bureau.

There are several helpful sites that offer work to individuals choosing to work from home. is an accredited site that lists jobs from various organizations that allow work to be completed from home. HEA Services offers over 2,500 work-at-home jobs listed on their database with over 1,000 new positions added annually. HEA allows people to submit their resumes for employers to look over and also lists specific jobs that individuals can browse to find the right one for them. HEA specializes in finding jobs in many different fields and allows users to search based on location and level of experience. JobBank USA is another helpful site allowing individuals to search for jobs and post their resumes. They have the added perk of including helpful resources that give examples of successful resumes and cover letters to help individuals get a job.

Some well-known companies are now allowing their employees to work from home and are providing work opportunities for individuals in need. The popular airline Jet Blue hires reservation specialists to book flights for customers online, right from their own homes, but requires at least two years experience in customer service. Another business is Key for Cash, who looks for experienced typists to enter data and other information for businesses that do not have the time or need for full-time employees. This type of work is easy, can usually be done on an individual’s own time frame, and pays decent. Working Solutions is a company that hires agents with good communication skills to do work for their various clients. They also have specific needs for multi-lingual people to communicate with their diverse client base. LiveOps is a networking company that hires agents to call people to try and sell their services. They have a special group that specializes in processing food deliveries to ensure accurate food orders. They also have a need for bilingual agents to make a variety of different sales calls in order to get the best and most accurate responses.

With a vast majority of at-home workers being women or stay-at-home moms, there have been several sites started that are geared specifically to these women. WAHM is an online   magazine  specifically designed for stay-at-home moms who have a desire to work. They offer helpful articles that give tips and advice on how to find work at home. They have job listings and other business opportunities specifically geared toward moms, along with a fun column from WAHM creator Cheryl Demas. The site also has links to other helpful sites. MommyEnterprises shows job opportunities for work at home jobs. They also help moms find bargains online and sites that provide freebies to stay-at-home moms. The site also links users to other moms so they can talk about jobs and give advice to those in need. Bizymoms is another great site that offers job searching services free of charge. They have vast contacts with successful women who have secured good careers while working at home. They allow users to network and talk to others to get the best advice.

Today there are more and more job opportunities becoming available to people wanting to work from home. With the help of useful websites, people can now network and search job listings to find the right job for them in the field of their choice. No matter the reason, whether it’s a desire to spend more time at home or a want for a more flexible schedule, people now have the option of staying at home while working a job.


Paid to Test Video Games


Video game testing job is one the profitable ways to earn money working part time as a video game tester. There are varieties of ways to get a video game testing job. You can search adverts for a video game testing job at newspapers, games related magazines, job sections of craigslist or even video game manufacturers’ websites. Beta video game testing doesn’t require any special skills in order for you to be accepted. Meanwhile, you are required to have at least a minimum experience of 7 years and must be very good at playing games.

As you know, the video game industry is a multi-billionaire market which needs quality in order to remain the delight of video game lovers. What video game designers expect you as a video game tester to know is the ability to detect bugs at any stage of the game you are assigned to test. No one is perfect; sometimes the designers of video games make mistakes while programming games. Though, they also do testing, theirs is for quality control while you are involved in public beta testing.

It’s not so easy to find vacant video game testing jobs. Most people are hungry for this kind of job, so before you can turn around, the job may have being taken. But the fact still remains that there are openings and people still get such jobs. A good to way to find video game testing jobs is look for one at video game designer’s websites like Microsoft Xbox, Sony, Nintendo or even Code Masters and the rest of others.

So how can one go about to get them?

Sometimes when such vacancies are open, you can find them at classified sites like craigslist (mainly at its job sections), game magazines or even newspapers. Make out time, especially on daily basis, to visit their websites. You can search for this website by using the keyword of their company name at search engines. You could be lucky to get one. It’s not easy but a trial will convince you. Another way is to approach game manufacturer’s office; the fact still remains that if you don’t show yourself, they won’t know you are searching for this job.

Game manufacturers pay $50 to $150 per hour to test just a full game. Sometimes, it’s done online or sent via to your address. This gives you the confident to test it in the comfort of your home. There paycheck normally comes 2 weeks after you’ve finished testing the games assigned to you.

When all search remain relentless

If after searching for a video game opening but you are unable to find one, there are some website that have listings of video testing opportunities. The advantages of getting a testing job through them are that they will provide you with the step-by-step guides which you need in order to get your first assignment. They normally provide a short video game testing course in an eBook format to enable you better understand the industry you about to get into. This makes it easy to locate and increases your chances of getting the job.


Top 10 Jobs In Demand For The New Economy


Navigating your way through this changing economy into the right job, career, or business opportunity is no simple task. The economic downturn of the last few years has affected just about everyone. Every time you turn on the news you hear about rising unemployment rates, increasing job cuts, government bailouts, and massive housing foreclosure.

Whether you are just starting out in life, currently looking for a job, or in the middle of a career change, it’s crucial that you know all of the possibilities that are available to you. Believe it or not, in tough economic times there is a TON of opportunity IF you know where to look.

Here’s the deal, the old economy is NOT coming back. What we are witnessing now is a massive redistribution of wealth. Many people are going to get hit hard waiting around for the old economy to bounce back, but the ones who understand that a new economy is emerging, take action on new trends, and run with new information, will not only survive the coming economic changes but will build massive wealth for themselves.

We’re now experiencing what economist and best selling author, Paul Zane Pilzer calls the democratization of wealth. He writes that over the next ten years, ten million new millionaires will be created in the direct selling home-based industry. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, over 79 million people will flood to the internet over the next 2-5 years searching for home-based business opportunities, and that’s in America ALONE.

The following is a list of the top 10 jobs in demand today. You’ll notice the top two are ‘New Economy’ jobs that simply didn’t exist until now, thanks to the internet and cutting edge technology.

1. Internet Marketer (Income potential $100k-$750k)

2. Direct Sales (Income potential $250k-$500k)

3. Actuary (Median salary: $82,800)

4. Software Engineer (Median Salary: $79,780)

5. Computer Systems Analyst (Median income: $69,760)

6. Biologist (Median salary: $76,320)

7. Mathematician (Median salary: About $100,000)

8. Paralegal Assistant (Median salary: $46,120)

9. Statistician (Median Salary: $65,720)

10. Accountant (Median salary: $54,630)

So there you have it, the top 10 jobs in demand in America. Most of these careers require a college degree and some require several years experience. Obviously these ten jobs are not realistic for everyone, especially in this economy. The rising cost of college tuition and completion in a shrinking job market make it even more challenging.

Once again sales has proven to be one of the best paying professions in the world, especially now with technology and the internet, making these 21st century business models extremely profitable, even for total beginners. There are a few really solid internet based companies out there in the areas of travel, personal development, and financial services that will happily pay you $2K-$10K commissions PER SALE for your advertising efforts.

A word of advice, make sure that you do your homework, and if you’re considering a home based business venture, make sure that you seek out qualified mentors at a company that provides you the training and support you need for success. Seek out people who are already successful and model their success and you’ll do great.

The future of business is about LEVERAGE and FREEDOM, working smarter not harder, without the need, necessarily, have to trade time for money in a traditional occupation. There IS another way. But you have to ACTION and be willing to change with the times, because the ones that do will be the ones who experience BIG THINGS in this emerging new economy and never have to think or care about what the top 10 jobs in America are.


Top 6 Jobs For 14-15 Year Olds


When you are 14, you may need more pocket money to buy what you like. But ,how can you earn money? so, you must get a job, not only for money, but also for experience. According to Child Labor, it’s not so easy to find a job for age under 16. How to find Jobs for 14 Year Olds? if you’d like, I’ll tell you the jobs you can get and how to earn money .

Teen Writer

If you are talented in writing, you could be a teen writer. And, you can get paid from magazines or websites. If you are not good at writing, you can practice writing. Write whatever you feel like writing, whether it be teen fiction or anything else. It really doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you’re writing.

How to start? You can try to start out writing for your school paper (articles, opinions or short stories). You could also try submitting to local writers’ club anthologies & teen magazines often have a reader submissions section for poems, short stories, etc. These won’t be paying jobs, but they might get you noticed. Also, if you are good at basic copywriting & layout, you can get people to pay you to prep their resumes. You’d be surprised how many people can’t manage that on their own.


How can you get a babysitting job? it is not difficult to get one , just give it some time. Make flyers and put them around your church or community. If you have any daycares around your neighborhood you might want to advertise there. is a great place where you register and parents looking for babysitters look at your profile and can contact you.

In order to be successful in the babysitting business you need to know the following tips, hints, and tricks.When you’re ready to go in the babysitting business, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the child you will be caring for; always be prepared. Walk through the house and do a safety check. Close the doors to rooms you don’t want the children in. Look for hazards such as matches, hanging electrical cords, medications or other things children can get hurt with or get into trouble with. The most important thing is that keep an eye on the kids, and don’t get distracted.

Camp Counselor

For getting a job as a camp counselor, you can try your local YMCA.They may still have openings for summer counselors or assistants. Otherwise, go to your neighborhood boys and girls club. It helps to have those certifications and some do require CPR.

Although the minimum age requirement for many camp counselor jobs is 16,but if you do not meet the minimum age requirement to become a summer camp counselor, you might have the opportunity to apply for the counselor-in-training program or junior counselor positions.

As a C.I.T. (Counselor in training), you would be working but not get paid. Or even, you have to pay for your work(not all camps). It seems very unfair, the camp charges you to work there! However,it’s a great way to spend the summer instead of sitting home all day, and you will be paid when you are old enough.

Be a Tutor

If you have a good understanding of one subject, you can find a job as a tutor.Try go to your local youth center. Many youth centers pay tutors for math, English, History and Science in their after-school programs.

If you’d like,ask your counselor at school if they pay tutors for after-school programs at your school.

Also, you can advertise on your own and once you get a following the word of mouth referrals will start coming in quickly. You should advertise your offer in places where parents will see the advertisement. The parents are your clients.

Grocery Bagger

More and more supermarkets and grocery have opened up in the past decade. So, they often need many part-time or full time baggers. If you’d like, you can get extra money as a bagger.

Apply to the store or stores you are interested in working at.You can call them, and ask if they need a bagger.Of course,you can also go to store to ask one by one in person.Usually, you will find a job soon.


Find a lifeguard class in your area. Most lifeguard training classes are often offered through the YMCA. If you can’t find one, call your local red cross and ask them. If you can’t find your local red cross, call a local pool and ask how they go about hiring lifeguards. They may have a private program. If you have a particular place you want to lifeguard, call them first to see if they have any special requirements.


Embarrassing Errors – The Ten Biggest Proofreading Gaffes


When it comes to proofreading copy, whether it’s intended to be published online or in print, there’s no room for error. As soon as that copy is out in the public domain, it stands as a representation of whoever has written it.

The job of a proofreader is to act as a safety net for these errors, catching and modifying mistakes before they can be allowed to slip through – but sometimes, mistakes slip through regardless. Even the most diminutive of proofreading errors can cause huge repercussions, at the very least making the author seem careless and uninformed, and at the worst changing the meaning of what is being said entirely.

Although this can be amusing in some circumstances, ultimately this casts a bright light on just why proofreading is so important to your business.

Read on for ten of my favorite famous proofreading gaffes, where small instances of poor proofreading have gone on to cause widespread chagrin for the red-faced authors.

1. Proofreaders wanted

When posting an advert looking for proofreaders, you would expect the job description to be grammatically flawless. However, a job advert posted recently seeking a ‘Copy Editor for Women’s Magazine Site’ contained no less than 3 spelling errors: twice asking for ‘editting’ experience, and going on to cite the name of the magazine incorrectly as ‘Women’s World’ instead of ‘Woman’s World’.

2. Continuity error

Of course, it isn’t only orthographical gaffes that need to be picked up on by the proofreader – maintaining continuity is just as important. An early edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein contains the phrase ‘the latter days of December’. However, a vigilant proofreader would have altered this to ‘September’, which was the month being referred to in the rest of the passage. Later editions of the novel carried the correct date.

3. Grauniad or Guardian?

The Guardian newspaper has garnered an impressive reputation for frequent typographical errors, so much so that it has earned the nickname ‘The Grauniad’ (first used in Private Eye magazine). Often cited is The Guardian’s first ever issue, which contained the spelling error ‘atction’ for ‘auction’.

4. Mis-stated

In 1988 the University of Wisconsin awarded thousands of diplomas with the glaring error ‘Wisconson’ typed on every one. Six months passed before anyone picked up on this blunder. An official at the time defended this by saying the certificates had been proofread, but only to check their names and degree-subjects – not any of the ‘standard information’.

5. When corrections become errors

A poem by W.B. Yeats, ‘Among School Children’, contained a reference to the ‘solider Aristotle’. An over-zealous printer assumed the poet had made a spelling error and corrected it to ‘soldier Aristotle’ – a correction that stayed in print for years and gave the sentence an entirely different meaning.

6. Adulterated text

In the 1632 edition of the King James Bible the omission of the word ‘not’ gave whole new meaning to the seventh commandment, appearing as ‘Thou shalt commit adultery’. The printer of this error was fined £300 for his mistake.

7. Web figures gone awry

Several products at Comet’s online store were advertised at bargain prices in 2002, when some obviously incorrect figures were left unnoticed and went live on the site. This resulted in some lucky shoppers being able to buy, for example, an Aiwa hi-fi worth £89 for £8.43.

8. The costly comma

The case of a comma cost a Canadian cable television provider over a million dollars in 2006, when it lost a court case in a contract dispute with a telephone company. This was due to the inclusion of the second comma in the line of the contract which stated that the agreement “shall continue in force for a period of five years from the date it is made, and thereafter for successive five year terms, unless and until terminated by one year prior notice in writing by either party.”

Though the cable television company believed that the first five years of the deal were secured, the inclusion of the second comma changed the meaning of the sentence, which allowed the telephone company to terminate the contract at any time with one year’s notice.

9. Checking failure

GCSE students across England were left in the lurch in 2008, when their exam papers contained a significant disparity between question and answer booklets. The exam board responsible for the papers had failed to pick up on this and allowed some hundred thousand exam booklets to be printed before school invigilators noticed the mistake.

10. Not consulting a dictionary

A newspaper headline touting the benefits of reading Webster’s Dictionary in 2000 can hardly have done much for the Jackson Citizen Patriot’s credibility. The published story about an avid reader of the famous dictionary was accompanied by the headline: ‘Want to spell like a champ? Read Wenster’s dictionary.


Mens Magazine Helps Men Make Sense Of Life


There are many different mens magazine types in Canada. Magazines for men who have different issues they want help with; causes and concerns they want to share with others and even magazines for those men who enjoy cooking. Each of these can all be found on the shelves in the stores next to the women’s magazines and through newspaper vendors.

There are magazines specifically geared for every kind of sport, especially fishing, auto racing and biking. There are also many magazines with topics that relate to men only and then there are the career magazines, mens cooking magazines and magazines for men who stay at home with the children. If it’s of interest or importance to men, there is no doubt a magazine that men will want to read.

Mens health and fitness or muscle magazines are extremely popular these days because men want to be able to take care of themselves but don’t like asking for help from a doctor or loved one. They will, perhaps, heed the advice from someone who has been where they are, someone who has written an article about their struggles and how they over came them. These types of advice filled pages will grab a man’s attention and help them reach their health goals.

Men’s only products are often featured in the advertisements of these types of magazines, just as women only merchandise will be featured in the pages of women’s publications. A lot of the time, when it comes to nearly all magazines, the ad revenue will be more than the sales. Companies with products and services to sell to men know where to put there advertising money and magazines are a good bet.

There are many niche market magazines for men such as lawn and tractor type magazines, boating and fishing, bowling, marketing, money, muscle and health and cooking for men. This is not to say that only men partake in these activities, but there are groups of men who only want advice from other men or want to read about other men when it comes to some of their favorite activities.

Mens travel magazine would be a good place to feature mens luggage or menswear ads. A Toronto mens magazine would be a good place to feature ads about places men like to hang out, a car dealer, vacation spots and possibly ads for jewelry, flowers or chocolate for the one they love. There are all different types of possibilities for advertising and articles that would match the ads.

For the most part, men like magazines because they offer quick, ‘bite-size’ pieces of information that is usually topical and can be of some help to them if they so choose to apply the advice. Writers could be assigned subjects that are relevant to the topics every man is talking about or has concerns for in today’s world. Things such as the economy, jobs, housing, raising good children, elderly parents and so much more are always on the table when men get together to talk.

Not every mens magazine will be loaded with scantily clad women. The majority of the magazines for men have well thought out, quality pieces of writing, advice, tips and things like what to do and what not to do in different situations. The magazines for men are not that much different then the magazines for women, they only seem different to women because there is so few quality ones that compare to a woman’s magazine in terms of content and quality verses barely dressed women and funny cartoons.